Sample Thank You Letter After the Interview: "No Thanks"

Looking for a sample thank you letter for after the interview? Something that says, "Thanks but no thanks"?

So is Joyce. She needs a thank you letter that declines the job offer but keeps the door open for other jobs she might want. Here's the thank you letter question Joyce sent me.

I Need Help With My Thank You Letter After the Interview

Dear Susan,
I went on an interview and feel it went well, although the position is not what I had hoped it to be. I don't want to pursue this job and want to write a “thank you” but “no thanks” thank you letter.

I visited your website and did not find any such letter in your group of sample thank you letters. How do I write a polite “thank you for your time” letter and include in the same letter, “I am not interested in this job but am open to one more suited for my career path.”
Joyce (not her real name)

Thank You Letter Sample for After the Interview: "Thanks But No Thanks"

Hello Joyce,
You're smart to write a thank you letter after the interview, even if you don't want the job they're offering you. It shows that you're a considerate person, and it may keep you in the running for other jobs that come up in the future at the company.

Here's a sample thank you letter I cooked up. Feel free to use it as a starting point for yours.

Dear _____ (name of interviewer),
Thank you for the job interview last week for _____ (the job you interviewed for). I very much appreciated learning about your company and the projects you're currently working on.In the course of our meeting it became clear to me that the _____ (job you interviewed for) position is not a good match for me, as my career goal is to move into _____ (your desired line of work).

If a position in _____ (your desired line of work) should open up, please consider me for the job. I would very much like to work in your organization.

I wish you the best in filling the _____ (job you are turning down) position.
Thank you!
_____ (Your name)

With a thank you letter like this, the employer is apt to keep you in mind for another position. Who knows, you might hear back from him right away with a better offer. I hope so!

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