27 Sample Resume Summary Statements: Values and Traits

What personal values and attributes do you have that your next employer will value? I'm talking about your soft skills, your personality, those things that people like about working with or for you. Can you put a finger on them and make a good resume Summary statement about one or more of them?

This type of Summary statement is one of the things that can make your resume unlike any other resume — in a good way!

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27 Examples of Summary Statements About Personal Values and Traits

Here are 27 Summary statement examples that show values, passion, or personal traits that are well-suited for their resume job objectives. Each statement is from a different resume with a different career or job objective. Here you go...

  • Combine a passion for fashion and travel with an accomplished sales savvy.
  • Natural ability to promote products and build rapport through listening and communication skills.
  • Lived and traveled abroad, developing a keen sensitivity to people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Fluent in Spanish and Italian; presently studying French.
  • View teaching and learning as a dynamic and interactive process.
  • High-energy, confident professional with an infectious enthusiasm for technology.
  • Independent travel and research in the Far East and Europe.
  • Known for an interactive teaching style that encourages student participation and enthusiasm while facilitating learning.
  • Enthusiastic team player with numerous contacts in technology publishing.
  • 10 years' experience offering outstanding service to diverse clients, with a lifelong passion for holistic healing and a keen interest in beauty products and services that enhance a balanced lifestyle.
  • A patient listener who fully focuses on speakers and understands a variety of accents.
  • A highly organized and friendly professional, able to establish long-term, positive and fun relationships with clients, co-workers and outside resources.
  • Resourceful and detail-oriented; skilled problem-solver and multi-tasker.
  • A confident and concise communicator; able to deliver enthusiastic presentations with clarity and humor to diverse audiences.
  • Energetic self-starter with strong communication skills; work well independently or on a team.
  • Committed to motivating children through art, education, and recreation.
  • Innovative, enthusiastic, and uncompromising work ethic.
  • A clear and direct project manager, skilled in developing and maintaining a broad vision, cultivating excellent relationships, and communicating effectively across the organization to build focused and productive teams.
  • A dynamic team leader; able to bring energy, enthusiasm, and humor to motivate team members to achieve potential and meet objectives.
  • Highly motivated, goal-oriented professional; a decision-maker skilled in implementing new ideas.
  • Motivated self-starter; able to spark interest and take initiative.
  • Ambitious, flexible team member who loves to learn; computer savvy.
  • A flexible professional who enjoys learning new skills and quickly adapts to organizational changes.
  • An energetic team leader, able to communicate effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds, to work collaboratively to resolve problems, and to motivate team members to achieve personal and organizational objectives.
  • More than 8 years as an avid Class IV-V whitewater rafter, with trips to Nepal, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Mongolia, Chile, and New Zealand. Skilled in easily building rapport with individuals from diverse cultures.
  • An articulate communicator; skilled in quickly engaging team members and audiences, establishing rapport and developing strong relationships.
  • Lifelong love of travel and the cultural and educational insights it provides. Extensive travel throughout Europe, Africa, South America, and the U.S.
  • An independent and self-motivated professional with excellent research and writing skills; able to grow positive relationships with clients and colleagues at all organizational levels.

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