11 Sample Resume Job Objective Statements for Sales and Customer Service

Is your resume job objective statement more than 10 words long? Is it loaded with fluff like "utilizing my skills and experience"? You can do better, especially if you're in Sales or Customer Service.

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The purpose of a job objective statement is to announce what type of job you're looking for. It needs to make that point very quickly in the employer's first 8-second resume scan. That means it needs to be short and quick to read so that the employer reads it and moves on to the sales points in your resume before those precious 8 seconds are up — much the same as when you make a good cold call!

To learn how to write a really good job objective statement, read Your Resume Job Objective (which also explains some alternatives to having a resume job objective statement). Then check out the following examples from real Sales and Customer Service professionals. Notice how short and to the point these statements are. Almost all of them are fewer than 10 words.

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Sales / Customer Service Job Objective Statements

The following job objective statements were taken from this site's group of Sales and Customer Service Resume Samples.

Job Objective: Software Sales Engineer

Objective: Technical Account Manager/Customer Quality Engineer

Objective: A position in Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales

Job Objective: Manufacturer's Sales Representative in the fashion industry

Objective: Customer Service Representative

Objective: Sales Position with Johnson & Johnson

Job Objective: A position in Marketing / Sales with L.L. Bean sporting goods

Objective: Account Manager

Objective: A position at VISA USA or VISA International, focusing on Customer Relations and Team Leadership

Job Objective: VP of Sales & Marketing or VP of Sales & Operations for a high-tech company

Objective: A position in the travel industry, with a focus on sales and client relations

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