Sample Career Objective Statements for Executive and Middle Management

You don't find career objective statements on most middle management or executive management resumes. That's because it usually takes a career path in management for someone to qualify for a high-level position. In that case, the work history alone (with management job titles) indicates that the person behind the resume is seeking another job in management.

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There are times, however, when a career objective statement (also called a "job objective statement") can make your management resume more effective. For example, if you are:

  • Seeking your first management job and have no track record of supervising others. Without a resume career objective statement, you might not be considered for management.
  • Applying for a job that is significantly higher than any management job you've held in the past. Without the job objective statement, the reader might not think of you for such a high position.
  • Making a career change (even a slight one, such as moving from one department to another — for example, Accounting to Sales). Without the career objective statement you could be pigeon-holed into your former area of work.
  • Transitioning from the military or government sector into civilian management, where your former job titles are not commonly understood. A resume career objective statement would help your reader understand how you fit into the organization.
  • Returning from a span of time away from the workforce (retirement or a leave of absence from work) and your recent unpaid experience is not relevant to the middle or executive management job you seek. A job objective statement would tell the reader that you want to pick up where you left off in your former management role.

If one of these points applies to you, read on to see what your fellow management professionals have written on their resumes for job objective statements. Maybe those examples will help you write a good one for your resume.

And, check out these alternatives to resume job objective statements.

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15 Middle and Executive Management Career Objective Statements

The following career objective statements were taken from this site's group of Executive Management Resume Samples.

Job Objective: Government Affairs Director

Job Objective: Executive Director for Performing Arts for Children

Job Objective: Vice President, Marketing

Objective: A senior position in the Financial Services industry
with a focus on Operational Management, Team Leadership, and Process Improvements

Job Objective: VP of Sales & Marketing or VP of Sales & Operations for a high-tech company

Job Objective: Business Law Project Manager or Chief Legal/Administrative Officer

Career Objective: Director of Marketing for a Civil Engineering firm

Objective: An Executive position in Account Management focusing on Integrated Direct Marketing and Analysis

Job Objective: A Senior position in Operations for a regional insurance brokerage

Objective: A Senior-level position at InvestmentOne focusing on
Client Relationship Development / Management and Team Leadership

Objective: A Senior position with a pre-IPO startup in telecommunications

Job Objective: Senior Executive for a financial services technology company

Objective: Senior Manager in Transportation Logistics

Job Objective: VP or Director of Product Management in the publishing/information industry

Job Objective: Executive Manager or Director of Major Business Projects/Initiatives

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