8 Sample Job Objective Statements for Education Administration

If you're seeking a job in Education Administration, you'll want your resume to have strong focus so your reader will quickly see what aspect of administration you're qualified for. This is especially true when applying to a large school where there are hundreds of administrative job titles for Human Resources to fill.

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How to Give Focus to Your Education Administration Resume

Adding a job objective statement is one way to give your resume focus. It's not, however, right for all resumes. (See Should You Put a Career Objective Statement on a Resume?)

Your resume for Education Administration doesn't need a job objective statement if at least one of the following applies:

  • It follows the standard CV (curriculum vitae) format, which doesn't have a Job Objective section. (By the way, in the U.S., a CV is an academic or scientific resume.)
  • Your Education section (with at least one relevant college degree) is placed near the top of page one.
  • Your Experience section contains administrative job titles and employer names from colleges or universities.
  • You have a Skills or Technical section (if relevant) that lists the keywords that define your line of work.

If your resume doesn't have any of these features, you may need a job objective statement. Here are a few cases that might require one:

  • You're making a career change. If that's the case, a job objective statement at the top of your resume would help the reader understand how you fit into Education Administration.
  • You've held many different types of administrative jobs in the past. A concise job objective statement would tell the reader which one you want this time.

Take a look at the following sample job objective statements to see what others have put on their Education Administration resumes.

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Education Administration Job Objective Statements

The following were taken from this site's group of Education Administration Resume Samples.

Career Objective: University Registrar

Objective: Program Director, Business Management, in an adult education environment

Job Objective: An Administrative position within a university setting

Objective: A Management position at a Louisiana University with a focus on:
Business Management & Operations
Staff Management & Training

Objective: A Management position in Pupil Transportation and Safety Training

Job Objective: Librarian in an academic setting
special interest in the arts and humanities

Objective: Health Science Librarian / Researcher

Objective: A position within a corporate experiential learning and development company
- Organizational Leadership
- Team Building
- Client Relations
- Performance Enhancement
- Coaching & Facilitation
- Alliance Building

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