48 Samples of Resume Achievement Statements About Money

No more boring resumes! How are we going to accomplish that? By not writing any more boring job duties on resumes. Instead, we're going to write resume achievement statements that quantify results.

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Sounds good in theory, I know. But what does it look like in real life? There are two types of sample achievement statements that quantify results.

In this post, you'll find lots of sample achievement statements that have quantified results about money.

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Samples of Money-Related Achievement Statements

Employers like a good resume achievement that hits a financial bottom line with a quantified result. Most bottom lines can be measured. So this type of resume achievement statement is apt to contain:

  • Numbers, numbers, numbers!
  • The percent or dollar sign
  • Keywords such as money, revenue, profit, income, savings, cost, expense, sales, market share, and P&L

Each of the following examples of resume achievement statements hits a bottom line with a quantified result. The statements are taken from lots of different resume samples on this site.

If you glance at the entire resume for any of these achievement statements, you'll notice how the numbers and dollar/percent signs catch your eye and give the resume a sense of credibility. Even if you just scroll down this page, you'll see how the numbers and symbols pop out. That's what you want to have on your resume!

Executive Management Sample Achievement Statements
Taken from this site's group of Executive Management Resume Samples.

A Senior Automotive Service Manager wrote:

  • Cultivated an extraordinary level of technician loyalty, achieving a 10+ year tenure among 75% of employees over a 12-year period.

A Managing Director of Operations wrote:

  • Consolidated four accounting offices into one location, resulting in greater efficiency, streamlined operations and savings of over $500K in payroll alone.
  • Implemented new travel policy with effective controls, resulting in greater efficiency and consistency in travel planning and a $100K reduction in costs.
  • Directed an exhaustive search for new office space, negotiated lease agreements and secured sub-tenants in two locations, resulting in savings of $2.5M.

A Director, Client Services wrote:

  • Designed, built and managed the infrastructure for two new businesses, including the highly successful Corporate Client program, which acquired and developed relationships representing $2.5B in assets within four years.

A Director, Retail Services wrote:

  • Played executive role in the $10M, four-year re-engineering for Gotcha's U.S. $200M business.
  • Managed closure of two distribution centers totaling 750K sq. ft. and started up two new distribution centers totaling 1.5M sq. ft.

A Senior Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Customer Support wrote:

  • Initiated and led the turnaround of this 10-year-old voice messaging company. Grew company from an unprofitable $7M through profitability and IPO to $120M in six years.
  • Supervised direct and indirect sales organizations in the U.S. and overseas. Increased international revenues from 0% to 30%.

A District Manager wrote:

  • Profitably managed 60% growth in total business during last three years.
  • Utilized extensive knowledge and skill of transportation logistics to significantly improve efficiency of deliveries by 35%, effectiveness of manpower by 25%, and accuracy to 95%.

A General Manager wrote:

  • Led content strategy and dramatic product re-release as executive team member of a $10M subscription and e-commerce decision support site for IT professionals.
  • Directed powerful redesign and re-release of primary product in a rapid 60-day cycle, increasing renewals by 63%.

A Director, Project Management Department wrote:

  • Planned and launched distribution in 4,000 retail stores in 60 days.
  • Wrote and persuasively presented proposal to executive team, and directed initiative for a major e-Business program projected to save $20M per year.

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Finance/Accounting Resume Achievement Statements
Taken from this site's group of Financial Services Resume Samples.

A Cardmember Services Manager wrote:

  • As member of the first team dedicated to servicing financial institutions and university accounts, worked with a portfolio of Affinity and Co-branded VISA and Mastercard accounts. Managed a $2.1M budget.

An Investment Manager wrote:

  • Founding member of Domestic Ventures, the highly successful corporate venture capital arm of Tokyo TIC division, investing $250M and achieving tremendous profitability within two years.

An A/R and Credit Manager wrote:

  • Cleaned up AR system and brought it within 90% of agreement, enabling company to borrow against that amount.

A Manager of a Business Advisory Services Consulting Group wrote:

  • Developed cost management analysis, activity-based costing and standardizing costs for a $200M painting manufacturer.

A Trading and Personal Trust Operations Associate wrote:

  • Allocated and reconciled $500M in investments to accounts on a monthly basis.

A Director of Manufacturing Finance wrote:

  • Negotiated over $180M in supplier contracts for production capacity and component inventory financing during a period of tight supply.

A Divisional Controller of the Enterprise Business Group wrote:

  • Eliminated sales tax on tool purchases, resulting in aggregate savings of $1-2M annually on software expenditures.

An Assistant in Affiliate Sales And Marketing wrote:

  • Managed and reconciled $750K regional budget of six ongoing accounts, using Excel spreadsheets. Year 2003 ended with over $100K to spare.

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Human Resources Achievement Statement Examples
Taken from this site's group of Human Resources Resume Samples.

A Training Supervisor and Store Manager wrote:

  • Wrote technical procedures and provided one-on-one training to a major corporate client, instilling a level of confidence that led to a $4M increase in the contract value.

Inventory / Supply Chain Management Resume Achievement Statements
Taken from this site's group of Inventory Management Resume Samples.

A Buyer/Planner of Specialty Products wrote:

  • Forecast inventory requirements, assessed risks, and purchased materials for a $19.2M profit center, significantly reducing transportation costs, carrying costs, capital investment in inventory, and inventory management costs.
  • Cut capital investment in inventory by $1.37M while increasing customer fill-rates from 96.0% to 98.6% for 1,700 SKUs in 30 facilities.
  • Maintained strong vendor relationships. For example, improved relations with a delinquent manufacturing partner while negotiating a $135K settlement (including $7K in accrued interest) for past-due rebates

A Supply Chain Analyst and Coordinator wrote:

  • Forecast and ordered production and shipment of over 20 million units per month, analyzing sales data to accurately meet demand and emergency orders.

Marketing and Sales Job Resume Achievement Statements
Taken from this site's group of Marketing Resume Samples.

A Vice President of Sales wrote:

  • Rapidly built 187-person sales organization operating at 184% of plan year-to-date compared to a $40M booking target for a Griffin Henley-founded startup providing communication services to commercial accounts.
  • Produced 57% of sales through channel organization, attaining 49% close ratio and 20-66% higher margins than industry norms.

An Advertising Account Manager wrote:

  • Determined project scope and collaborated with team members to develop project plan, including schedules and budgets of up to $400K.

A Publicity Manager wrote:

  • Managed promotions and publicity campaigns for over 200 titles of international publishing company.

A Marketing Communications Specialist wrote:

  • Developed, managed, and tracked marketing communications budget of $260K.

A Vice President of Marketing wrote:

  • Led national marketing effort during the first three years of this young investment management firm, which grew from $750 million to $2.3 billion.
  • Contributed 30% of firm's asset growth and secured 40% of total client base. Provided ongoing client service.

A Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing wrote:

  • Attained 300% of planned sales in 1998, 600% in 1999, and 725% in 2000.

A Vice President, Product Management and Solutions Marketing wrote:

  • Increased quarterly revenues to $1.4M within first year of launching email marketing services. Grew to more than 30 clients and established Online Solutions as the leading provider of premium email marketing services.

A General Manager of Product Management wrote:

  • Accurately assessed complex user and market information; selected, indexed, and presented over 175 publications, 25 user satisfaction surveys, and a database of over 50,000 IT products.

A Director of Product Management wrote:

  • Recruited to create, promote, and direct an IT research organization that produced $15M from three revenue streams in its first year.

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Project Management Resume Achievement Statements
Taken from this site's group of Project Management Resume Samples.

A Project Manager wrote:

  • Conducted resource planning and budgeting; tracked costs to ensure adherence to budgetary limitations. Brought in supplemental service revenue of approximately $1 million with projects averaging $500k.

A Program Manager wrote:

  • Co-managed OEM injection molding programs which grew from $2M to $10M.
  • Administered $5M in exterior automotive products programs, including management of RFQ process, client relations, production volume, and PPAP.

A Project Manager wrote:

  • Managed multiple IT projects for an e-payment provider with 20% monthly growth.

A Director, Project Management Department wrote:

  • Planned and launched distribution in 4,000 retail stores in 60 days.
  • Wrote and persuasively presented proposal to executive team, and directed initiative for a major e-Business program projected to save $20M per year.

A Senior Project Manager wrote:

  • Directed smooth transition for technically complex migration of 3 million customers following $2B acquisition, achieving high retention.
  • Launched joint technical call center handling 300,000 calls per month, consistently meeting specified performance metrics.

Writer's Resume Achievement Statements
Taken from this site's group of Writing/Editing Resume Samples.

A Grant Writer wrote:

  • As Grant Writer and Organizational Consultant for Catholic Charities of Santa Fe, wrote business plan and grants that raised $124,000 for farm project for Laotian refugees.

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