15 Quantified Resume Achievement Statements, Nonmonetary

The best resume achievement statements are not vague. They use numbers to quantify results or levels of responsibility. Sometimes a quantified result doesn't have a dollar sign attached to it. Instead, it hits the monetary bottom line indirectly.

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This type of non-monetary achievement statement is a little harder for some folks to write. That's why we have the following achievement statement examples to help you out.

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Resume Achievement Statements With Non-Monetary Results

You can hit a bottom line on your resume without writing about money. Sometimes success is measured by the number of clients, rate of retention, number of items, or something like that. That's what the following sample achievement statements have in common.

These achievement statements are grouped by career field. Notice how they all have quantified results but no dollar signs.

Administrative Assistant Achievement Statement Samples
Taken from this site's group of Administrative Assistant Resume Samples.

An Assistant Coordinate at a job training agency wrote:

  • Instrumental in the opening of a new location for the PWS program at "reclaimed" U.S. Army facility. Since move, client numbers have tripled and continue to grow. Currently there are 600 individual client files with 200 active at any one time.

A University Administrative Assistant wrote:

  • Utilized Raiser's Edge database program to manage both membership and financial information for over 6,000 clients.

An Administrative Assistant wrote:

  • Greeted up to 20 clients per day, cultivating rapport and smooth communication with each one.

An Executive Assistant wrote:

  • Coordinated annual training event for 800-1,000 adults as part of BGSC Discoveree.

A Generalist in Human Resources wrote:

  • Received 100% satisfaction rating by relocating employees.

A Medical Records Staff Member wrote:

  • Organized all aspects of a transcription symposium for 350 people.

Consulting Professionals' Resume Achievement Statements
Taken from this site's group of Consulting Resume Samples.

A Management Coach wrote:

  • Co-led training of 1,100 sales managers, account executives, and support staff statewide, with classes of up to 50 participants each.

An Organization Development Consultant wrote:

  • Designed communication programs to promote understanding of strategic change efforts to improve the cost structure of this $11 billion organization.

A Geriatric Consultant wrote:

  • Supervised 25 psychologists at 52 facilities. Trained new hires in geriatric care techniques, plus policies and procedures appropriate to each facility.

Education Administration Resume Achievement Statements
Taken from this site's group of Education Administration Resume Samples.

A Director of Admissions and Records wrote:

  • Manage the Office of Admissions and Records for this community college with student enrollment of 12,500.

A Program Director, Business Management in Adult Education wrote:

  • Built initial program of workshops from 10 to 500 per year, developing a highly visible and well-respected resource for the Peninsula business community.
  • Increased program revenue from $100,000 to $1,000,000 per year.
  • Created, scheduled and wrote quarterly calendar of workshops and events, distributed to 40,000 businesses and individuals throughout the Peninsula.

Editor's Resume Achievement Statements
Taken from this site's group of Writing/Editing Resume Samples.

A Senior Technical Editor wrote:

  • Managed survey of 15,000 PC Universe subscribers on PC reliability and service (January 2004 issue).
  • Supported staff of 50 editors in article planning, test planning, presenting technical material, and evaluating performance.

If you'd like to see the full resumes that go with these achievement statements, you can find them all in my collection of 100+ Resume Samples.

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