10 Sample Job Objective Statements for Administrative Assistants

If you're writing a resume for a job as an Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, or clerical and admin support of any kind, take a look at these ten sample job objective statements for Administrative Assistants. You'll see several ways to get your point across in as few words as possible.

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Should You Use a Resume Job Objective Statement?

Are you sure you should use a resume objective statement? There are other ways to make your career goal known on your resume. For example, you could do one or more of the following:

  • Place a professional title at the top of your resume. (For example: "Administrative Assistant.")
  • Use the first line of your statement section to imply what you have to offer and want to do next. (For example: 7 years as an Office Manager, with a background in...")
  • Let your former job titles tell the story. This might work if you're staying in the same career path that you've been in for the last few jobs. Those job titles in your Experience section (for example, Office Manager, 20xx-present, Administrative Assistant, 20xx-20xx, Data Entry Clerk, 20xx-20xx) would give a big clue that you're looking for more of the same or maybe a step-up in that line of work.

There are a few times when a job objective statement would be helpful to have instead of or in addition to the options above.

  • If you're making a career change.
  • If you don't have much experience to support your job search.
  • If your work history lacks focus because you've held many different types of jobs.

If you decide to write a resume job objective statement, get some good ideas by reading what other Administrative Assistants have written for their resume job objective statements.

10 Administrative Assistant Job Objective Statements

The following Administrative Assistant job objective statements were taken from this site's group of Administrative Assistant Resume Samples.

Objective: Administrative position with focus on Client Relations/Customer Service

Objective: A position in the health and beauty field
with an emphasis on client relations, sales, and office management

Objective: Project Management position with a focus on Team Leadership, Analysis and Customer Care

Job Objective: An Administrative position within a university setting

Objective: A position in the travel industry, with a focus on sales and client relations

Job Objective: Project Management with a focus on Organization and Training

Job Objective: Administrative Assistant

Objective: Position as Personal Assistant / Office Manager

Objective: Administrative position using skills in desktop publishing

Job Objective: Secretary or General Office Assistant in the University Medical Center

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