Sample Cover Letter to a Recruiter for an Audit Associate

You see a job posting that sounds like a perfect match for you. But the post doesn't say who the employer is. To apply for the job, you have to send a resume and cover letter to a recruiter. You've got your resume ready. Now, what about the cover letter?

Writing a good cover letter to a recruiter — instead of the hiring employer — can be a challenge, especially if you don't want to send a boring form letter.

Take a look at this cover letter sample for an Audit Associate. It's written in response to a recruiter's job posting, which didn't give the employer's name. Notice how Fran (not her real name) did a great job of showing enthusiasm for the job, despite the lack of info about who she would be working for.

Cover Letter Sample to a Recruiter for an Audit Associate Job

In this cover letter example, you'll see two things crossed out. Right after the letter, I explain why I made those edits. Here you go...

Dear Sir/Madam Recruiter,

Application for the Position of Audit Associate

As someone who is passionate about keeping up with the ever-changing audit requirements and legislation, I believe I have the ability to take up the role of an Audit Associate, as advertised on Inspired to solve new challenges facing the audit field, I look forward to the satisfaction gained from accomplishing the difficult assignments this role would offer.

I earned a Diploma in Accountancy at ___ University. Coursework such as Decision Support with Spreadsheets and Enterprise Accounting Applications has developed my fundamental skills and knowledge to use Microsoft Excel and Accounting software to streamline the audit process.

As a former Logistics Administrative Assistant, I placed great emphasis on meticulous attention to details and improving efficiency through office software and processes that boosted productivity. As a Customer Service Ambassador, I employed my interpersonal and multitasking skills to resolve problems in a very fast-paced environment.

From your description of the qualities needed for an Audit Associate, I believe my credentials align well with what you are seeking. I have enclosed my resume with this letter for your reference.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my credentials in greater detail. I will be available to start work anytime after January 30th. You can contact me at XX or via email at XX to arrange for an interview.

Thank you,
Fran XX

How to Make a Good Cover Letter Even Better

Hello Fran,
Thank you for sharing your sample cover letter for a recruiter. It’s very good. I have only two comments to make it a bit better.

1. Start your letter with “Dear Recruiter” instead of Dear Sir/Madam. "Dear Sir/Madam" is very old-fashioned and just isn't used anymore in the professional world.

2. If this cover letter is in the body of an email, the statement “Application for the Position of Audit Associate” would be a good subject line. In that case, do not put it at the start of your cover email. If your letter is being sent as hardcopy or as a Word attachment to an email, put that statement below the inside address and above “Dear Recruiter.” It would look like this.

Re: Application for the Position of Audit Associate

Dear Recruiter,
As someone who is passionate about... (followed by the rest of your cover letter).

Best of luck to you, Fran!

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