Really Basic Resume Formatting That's Easy to Work With

If you have trouble with resume formatting because you can't see the fine lines and subtle spacing on your screen, you're not alone. Wendy is sight impaired and needs to create a resume. Read on to see what I suggest she do to keep her resume format simple, yet professional.

I'm Sight Impaired and Need to Create a Resume Format

Hello Susan,
In my college career development class, my teacher has asked us each to write a sample resume. She has provided worksheets, but when I asked her about resume formatting with a word processor she was clueless. I use Windows. Most of the instructions I have found on the Internet are pages long.

I've tried to explain to the professor that I have vision problems and have trouble lining up my text on the computer screen; therefore I need to know the margin settings, and how to create the table for two columns. Even using margin settings and a table do not guarantee that my text will be lined up because of my vision problems. I need a step-by-step resume formatting sheet - brief and to the point. I have looked on Microsoft's website with no success.

Thanks so for your time.

Resume Formatting Tips That Are Simple and Look Good

Hello Lacy,
I suggest you not create a resume format using tables. Tables are very tricky and can be quite frustrating unless you really know what you're doing and can see pretty well. There are all sorts of alignment problems that can arise, which is exactly what you're trying to avoid.

Instead of using a resume template, I suggest you open a new document in MS Word and use the basic functions provided in that program.

  • Set your margins at 1 inch all the way around the page (top, bottom, right, and left).
  • Use the bullet point function found in the ruler at the top of the page to help make your resume look organized.
  • Keep all the rest of your text (including section headings) left justified so you don't have to worry about whether things are lined up.
  • For the major headings of your resume, simply use bold. If you want, you could also make them all caps.

Perhaps you could find someone to work with you. She could sit at the computer and you sit next to her so you can easily join forces on the project. That way, it would still be your resume but your friend could handle the resume formatting.

Good luck with it!