How Using a Professional Resume Writer Can Build Your Confidence

Hiring a professional resume writer to write or review your resume can be magical... if you get a writer who is skilled at drawing out the best in you and loves the process of putting those wonderful traits on paper. A good resume writer is an advocate who wants you to succeed and does her best to make that happen by creating a winning resume. And, when all the pieces fall in place, her client benefits in two ways:

  1. The employer who reads the client's resume sees the client as a promising match for the job opening.
  2. The resume client's self-esteem is raised and he exudes more confidence during his job interview and salary negotiations.

The first benefit is what we expect from a good resume writer. It's the second benefit that intrigues me, since it's not what most people think of when they ask for resume help.

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A Professional Resume Writer Explains How She Helps Clients Build Confidence

To get more insight into how the resume writing process builds a client's confidence, I asked April Stolarz, a resume writer on my team, a few questions:

When you work with a job seeker to write his resume, what psychological benefit does your client gain from the process? What is it about the process and result that leads to this benefit?

April: When I work with job seekers on their resumes, I ask them questions about their accomplishments, skill sets, and passions. Through this interview process, I discover what inspires and motivates them to succeed. Not only do I ask them supportive questions (like "What kind of work do you do at your current position that you like the most?"), but I also take the time to actively listen and see if there’s anything they want to discuss in more detail. These questions often open a door for people to re-discover themselves and what they’re capable of. During this process, job seekers express feeling more confident about what they have to offer and more competent to pursue the job that they want. Just having someone ask the right questions and listen to you can be extremely beneficial.

Can you tell us about a client who had a noticeable increase in confidence after his or her resume was completed?

April: After completing resumes for clients, I’ve had multiple experiences where my clients’ confidence was noticeably increased. I’ve experienced this through the tone of their voice, their expressions, their enthusiasm to apply for jobs, and their gratitude. I’ve worked with people who in the beginning expressed that they had nothing to offer; their skills weren’t suitable; they had no relevant experience, and so on.

In the interview process, sometimes clients remember certain skills and work experiences they'd previously overlooked. When possible, I help make those experiences applicable. Often, when clients hear themselves speak out loud about what they love and what they're good at, their self-esteem is boosted. Saying it out loud helps affirm that it is true. At the end of the process, with the help of our brainstorming and resume word-crafting, they’ve realized that they are indeed qualified, capable, and valuable.

Case in point: When I was working with Keith, I asked him about a time he made a positive impact on the company he worked for. At first, he wasn't sure what to say. After a few moments, he realized that he had helped create a new organizational system to track inventory, which revitalized how the company dealt with inventory. The system was a much more efficient way of tracking inventory and it saved time and energy. Because Keith implemented the system years prior and was so used to using it every day, he overlooked the significance of the impact he made. From there we learned that Keith really enjoyed creating the new system and helping to find new ways for his employees and company to succeed. He was an innovator with a knack for helping people and creating systems. We were able to showcase this on his resume and use it as a jumping-off point to realizing what Keith loved doing and how his skills were dynamic and relevant.

How does this increase of confidence help your client beyond just getting their resume written?

April: Once the job seeker’s confidence is increased, they are more willing to put themselves out there. Instead of applying only for what’s available, they seek out and apply for the jobs that they actually want. When it comes time for the job interviews with potential employers, they have confidence and are able to truly shine. There's a side benefit to the question-and-answer session that I go through with clients: It helps prepare them for the actual job interview. After talking with me, they find confidence in speaking out loud about themselves and they realize that they indeed have what it takes to excel in their careers.

It's amazing how just having someone ask the right questions and listen to you can be extremely beneficial and boost self-esteem.

If someone wants to hire you to create their resume, how do they do that?
Easy! Just send me a message (contact form for April Stolarz) and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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April-Stolarz-professional-resume-writer April Stolarz is a resume writer on Susan Ireland's Resume Writing Team. April graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication with a degree in Journalism. Simultaneously she received her degree in Creative Writing. She has worked as a newspaper reporter, freelance journalist, managing editor, and marketing director.