The Power of LinkedIn Recommendations in a Resume Format

Short quotes from LinkedIn recommendations in a resume format can add a lot of power to your resume. For many of us, the resume is the first chance to make an impression. Typing a few LinkedIn recommendations right into your resume format is a great — and easy — way to make that first impression a good one.

The Power of Quotes on a Resume

Quotes on a resume give you a chance to say good things about yourself from some one else's point of view. The big plus: employers often give words of praise from a former boss more weight than if you say the same thing about yourself.

Quoting LinkedIn recommendations is also really helpful if you have trouble giving yourself full credit for your achievements or "bragging" about the personal traits behind your success on the job. (By the way, most of us have trouble patting ourselves on the back.)

For example, it might be hard for a shy job seeker to say, "I have an infectious work ethic that leads to high standards on any team project I'm involved with."

However, that same job seeker might have no problem writing the same thing in his boss's voice:

"Carl has an infectious work ethic that leads to high standards on any team project he's involved with." - Heinz Lanner, Supervisor

That quote would be even more effective if it linked to Carl's LinkedIn profile where the whole recommendation from his boss can be read. I wouldn't put the whole recommendation on a resume, but a sentence or two would be fine.

Where to Put LinkedIn Recommendations in a Resume Format

Snippets from a few of your LinkedIn recommendations can be done in a small amount of space. Short quotes can be:

  • Formatted as bullet point statements in the Summary section.
  • Included as bullet statements in the Experience section.
  • Put under a new section called something like Recommendations.
  • Listed at the very end of the resume as a "sign-off."

Quotes can also be used in cover letters in much the same way.