Should I List My Former Employer's Address on My Resume?

From time to time a resume will come across my desk that has employers' addresses listed in the Experience section as part of a job seeker's work history. If I'm reviewing the resume, I explain to the job seeker that the only part of an employer's address that is necessary is the city and state. There's no need to include the street address, P.O. Box, or zip code.

When a potential employer wants to know that level of detail, she'll ask for it. But for the first introduction (which is what a resume usually is), a general idea of location (city and state) is all they need. In some cases, just the former employer's website address is enough. And, sometimes it is a good idea to list both the physical location and the website address. Let's take a look at some examples.

Resume With Only the Physical Location of a Former Employer

When Chloe created the Professional Experience section of her combination resume, she listed each of her employers, the job title(s) she held with them, the dates she was employed, and the physical location of the office where she went to worked. Even though the employer has a website, there was no reason to list the site's address, since Chloe had nothing to do with the website and there was nothing on the site that was relevant to her job objective of Personal Assistant/Office Manager.

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Here's what the listing for her first employer looked like. Notice the location is simply the city and state. No street address, suite number, phone number, or zip code.


Paige & Associates, Denver, CO

Personal Assistant

  • Provided continuous, high quality support to President/CEO. Coordinated schedule, appointments and travel arrangements; managed expense account and recovery.
  • Proofed and edited speeches, reports and press releases; screened calls and communicated directives to Board members and company shareholders.
  • Managed President's securities portfolio and prepared regulatory filings as needed. Acted as liaison to stockbrokers, accountants and legal counsel.
  • Organized annual shareholder meetings, including site selection, catering and preparation of appropriate materials.
  • Planned two major relocations: Assisted in site selection, worked with architect on interior design, and oversaw equipment/furniture/telecommunications setup without interruption in operations.

Office Manager

  • Coordinated work flow among five consultants and supervised three support staff. Prioritized and delegated tasks, provided motivation and direction to create a positive work environment and ensured accurate, on-time completion.
  • Tracked office expenses and created monthly reports for senior executive. Prepared invoices, Accounts Receivable/Payable and banking.
  • Mediated conflicts among employees and between staff and management, utilizing diplomacy and humor to resolve issues.
  • Responded to client needs and provided additional support where necessary.

Resume With Only the Website Address of a Former Employer

In the following example, Ken worked remotely for clients across the United States. Instead of listing the physical address of his office, he chose to list his website address where samples of his achievements could be viewed.

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2010-pres., Independent Contractor, 3-D MODELING, RENDERING, AND ANIMATION

  • Contracted by Crux Corporation as 3-D animator for Virtual Space Chase video game for the new 32-bit Morris by Glenco (to be released this December):
    - Generated all animation.
    - Created human and object models.
    - Produced a realistic feel despite restricted resolution.
    - Completed project prior to deadline.
  • Modeled and animated pyrotechnical effects for Blast Off's new CD-ROM game.
  • Applications engineer for Flashtech, one of the largest Alias retailers in the U.S.
  • Generated models and flying logos for Channel 5 in Montreal.
  • Contracted by the Museum of Native American History to construct a model of a pueblo from the first millennium.

Resume With the Physical Location AND Website Address of a Former Employer

As General Manager of the Online Product company, Larry knew that both the physical location and the website of the company was relevant to his job search. He listed both on his resume, as you can see in this segment of his resume.

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2015-pres., Inherit Corporation, San Diego, CA
GENERAL MANAGER, Online Product Management
Led content strategy and dramatic product re-release as executive team member of a $10M subscription and e-commerce decision support site for IT professionals.

  • Directed powerful redesign and re-release of primary product in a rapid 60-day cycle, increasing renewals by 63%.
  • Led cross-functional redesign team of engineers and content specialists to add 22 new features and improve usability and functionality.
  • Reduced customer service calls by 50% by improving user interface, online help, and FAQs, substantially reducing costs with a more intuitive product.
  • Prevented cancellations and cultivated customer loyalty with web seminars, direct email campaigns, and marcom efforts in anticipation of new release.

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