Job Objective Statement: Should I Include the Company Name?

If you know what company you want to work for, should you include that company name in your resume job objective statement? Or, would that make you look like you're kissing up to the company?

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Assuming you are qualified for the job you seek, here's what an employer might say to himself when he sees his company's name in your job objective statement:

"This job seeker really wants to work for my company. She must have researched us and feels she's a good fit. If I invest the time and money to interview her, check her references, have Human Resources verify her work history, and then offer her the job, she's more likely to accept my offer than not. That would be a good return on my investment of time and resources."

Should I Always Include a Company Name in My Job Objective Statement?

Please don't get me wrong. It's not always advisable to have a company name in your job objective statement. In fact, there are cases when you should not include it. For example, if you:

  • Post your resume on a resume website that's accessed by many employers (such as or Craigslist).
  • Email your resume to a recruiter who fills jobs for more than one employer.
  • Send your resume to members of your professional network to ask if they know of job openings in your field.
  • Post your resume on your social media page.

It only makes sense to include a company name if you are sending your resume directly to that company via email or posting it on on the company's website.

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How to Include a Company Name in Your Resume Objective Statement

It's easy! Since your job objective statement is concise (see How to Write a Job Objective Statement), you can either add the company name at the end or weave it into the body of the statement. Here are some examples:

Company name at the end of the job objective statement:

Objective: Position as Personal Assistant / Office Manager at ABC company

Objective: Senior Manager in Transportation Logistics for the Maine Department of Transportation

Objective: A Product Management position at EastWest Finance

Objective: Position in International Human Resources for Prayt Longley, Inc.

Objective: A Management position in Marketing Communications at Grober Associates

Job Objective: Project Management with a focus on Organization and Training at Milestone Tire Manufacturers

Job Objective: Software Sales Engineer, Big Deal Electronics

Career Job Objective: Senior Army Instructor at the High School Level, Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

Job Objective: Associate Environmental Specialist-Courier Express, UPS

Company name woven into the job objective statement:

Objective: Administrative position at ABC company with focus on Client Relations/Customer Service

Objective: A senior-level position at InvestmentOne focusing on Client Relationship Development / Management and Team Leadership

Objective: A position at VISA USA or VISA International, focusing on Customer Relations and Team Leadership

Job Objective: Position at SuperStore Imports as Human Resources Workforce Operations Specialist

Job Objective: A position in Marketing / Sales with L.L. Bean sporting goods

Job Objective: Toyota's Auto Industry Program or Project Manager

Job Objective: Manufacturer's Sales Representative in the fashion industry

Objective: At-Home Advisor for Apple products

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