Good Interview Follow-Up: A Thank You Email Sample

Here's a slightly unusual post-interview situation: Shortly after a job interview, Sandy, got a phone call from the interviewer with the promise of an offer for a different job than the one she interviewed for. Now Sandy wants to know what to say in her follow-up thank you email.

Here's how Sandy described the details:

I went for an interview last week for a customer service position. I was called the next day by the owner of the company, who said he hired another person because she had a little more experience with computers. He went on to say that they will be expanding, that he definitely wants to hire me, and he'll contact me in two weeks.

Of course I'm looking other places for a job but I would love to work for this company. I want to write a thank you email to the owner for the follow-up call and to remind him that I want the job. Do you have any sample letters that I could use for this situation?
-- Sandy

Follow-Up Thank You Email Sample

Sandy, good for you! You made such a good impression with the owner that he's put you on a waiting list. Sometimes an employer has a hard time choosing between a few candidates, which seems to have been the case here.

Sending a thank you email and reminder is an excellent idea. Maybe something like this:

Dear Mr. Jones,
Thank you very much for your phone call about the status of my job application for a customer service position. I'm very excited about your job offer at the new store, as I very much want to work for ABC Company.

You mentioned that the new position would open in two weeks. If there is any additional paperwork I need to provide you at this point, please let me know.

Thank you, again, for this new opportunity. I look forward to your call in a few weeks.

Sandy, normally I wouldn't suggest saying, "I look forward to you 'doing the next step'," but in this case the employer has already demonstrated that he follows through on his word so I think this polite reminder is sufficient. If, however, you don't hear from him in two weeks, a phone call inquiry to him would be acceptable.

Best of luck with this!

2 thoughts on “Good Interview Follow-Up: A Thank You Email Sample

  1. Dear Mrs. Smith,
    Thank you for taking the time to discuss the project management position at Texas Oil & Investments, Inc, with me today. After meeting you and having observed the organization’s operations I am convinced my skills and qualifications match the requirements of the job.

    I am really appreciative of the fact that you availed so much of your time to acquaint me with the organization and it’s internal processes. It does not surprise me the company continues to enjoy one of the highest staff retention rates in the industry. You imparted so much information I am confident I will learn much from you; and I sincerely look forward to working with you.

    I am confident I will bring excellent organizational and management acumen to the post. With your hectic schedule such as it is, I am sure you will want individuals with initiative and proven track record leading teams to set targets within schedule and budget.

    In the meantime, I look forward to hearing from you regarding the decision on the vacant position.

    Thank you, once again, for your time and consideration.

    • Abraham, thank you very much for sharing your follow-up thank you letter with us. It sounds as if you established some nice rapport with your interviewer.

      Please let us know what happens. We’re hoping you get the job!

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