4 Ways to Hint at Diversity on a Resume

Do employers care if you have diversity training and experience? Many do. They know it's good for their company cultures and their bottom lines. So if you've got it, show it! Here's how to put your experience with diversity on a resume.

How to Market Diversity on a Resume

Diversity comes in many forms: race, disability, sexual preference, economic, language, and nationality. Depending on what you bring to the table, here are a few ways to present your involvement.

Summary Section
Say something general about your experience with diversity in one of your Summary statements. For example:

  • Experienced at managing a diverse production crew of 342 men and women from at least 8 different national backgrounds.

Experience Section
Refer to achievements and projects that you were a part of, along with others in your employer's diverse workforce or client-base. For example:

  • Used humor and activities designed for maximum interaction to engage students from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

Education and Certifications Section
List diversity training and certifications in your Education or Professional Development section. For example:

  • Meyers-Briggs Leadership Workshop
  • Cross-Cultural Communications Certificate

Community Service
Mention volunteer work you do (or did) that shows your interest in working with special groups or a range of cultures. For example:

Volunteer ESL Tutor, Literacy Volunteers of America, New Haven, CT
  • Identified individual and group training needs for adults for whom English was a second language.

You don't have to wave a big flag of diversity on your resume. In some cases you might weave just one or two words about diversity into a statement even though the crux of the statement is not about diversity. Often just a gentle mention will do the trick.

Special note: Examples of diversity on a resume in this post come from real resumes in my collection of Resume Examples.

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