How to Follow Up on a Job Offer... A Thank You Note Example

I've had a few emails from job seekers who want to know how to follow up on a job offer. My answer is pretty much what my mother would say, "Send a thank you note."

How to Follow Up on a Job Offer

I got an email from Margaret, a job seeker who needed to know how to follow up on a job offer that was made during a job interview. The offer wasn't in writing so she was concerned when she didn't hear any more about it after the interview. Here is Margaret's question:

I got a verbal job offer a week ago; we never discussed the salary or the benefits. The man in charge said I will hear from the human resource department. I haven't heard from him. What should I do?

A Thank You Note Can Do the Job

Did you accept the job offer during the interview? I'm curious why the topic of salary and benefits never came up along with the offer. That would have been the best time to talk money.

I suggest you send a polite thank you note to the hiring manager in which you accept the job offer and say that you would like a chance to talk about salary. You might ask if there's someone in Human Resources you should contact to move things along. Maybe a short note like this:

Dear Mr. _______,
It was a pleasure to meet you last week, and I want to thank you for offering me the job as _______ (job title). I am pleased to accept the job offer and I look forward to working with you on the _______ project we discussed.

Is there a time when you and I could discuss details such as salary and benefits? And is there someone in your Human Resources Department I should speak with to take care of the formal hiring process?

My time is very flexible and I can meet at your convenience.

Thank you!
Your Name

Hopefully your written acceptance of the job offer will trigger a written job offer (or confirmation) from the manager. Good luck with your job search, Margaret!

9 thoughts on “How to Follow Up on a Job Offer... A Thank You Note Example

  1. Not only will you get the answer to your questions, but you will also remind people about yourself, because after the interview they might consider you a “job done” and slip you off your mind.

    • Yes, it’s a nice tap on the shoulder to say “Hey, remember me? And the job we talked about?”

  2. Ya.. Its a perfect reminder.. i applied the format as it was posted here. I believe the company i applied to will consider me with this kind of reminder by Gods grace.

  3. I had a similar situation, but did not accept the offer at the interview. Followed up with a thank you email and asked to have the offer in writing so I can make my decision. It has been 2 days and no response back…what should I do?

  4. Please help me, I applied for a job overseas and I got accepted, now Am waiting still for my offer of employement and Visa, am not sure on how to ask or follow up on what are the latest developments concerning that without being too pushy and desperate. Please help

    Thank You!

    • Hello Lesego,
      Here are a few posts where I’ve given some examples of what to say in thank you letters after the interview. I think you might find some phrases that will work for you.

      Thank You Follow Up Letters

      Hope you land that job!

  5. Is been 7 months since I interviewed with this company. They offered me the position and said that the recruiter would contact me with details. Did i say its been 7 months? I’ve sent several emails checking the status of the position start date and have gotten the run around, excuse after excuse. i was thanked for my continous interest. but i want to send another email but I dont want to seem like a pest. Should I send another email?

    • Hello Jade,
      Sometimes you just have to accept it that things didn’t work out. If you didn’t get a response after many attempts to follow up, or you got the run around, you probably didn’t get the job. I think you should let it go and move on.

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