Great Cover Letter Sample for an Advertising Account Manager

From the first sentence to the last, this cover letter sample for an Advertising Account Manager is engaging. Tim uses a natural writing style to draw his reader in and sell himself for the job. Although it's long, I read every word of it and I think a hiring manager will too.

Here's what I especially like about Tim's letter.

  • It starts with a grabber. By turning his name into an acronym (TIM for Teamwork-oriented, Innovative and Motivated), Tim starts his letter in a unique and memorable way. Very clever!
  • Most sentences don't start with "I." Tim began only a few sentences with the word “I.” So even though the letter is about him, it doesn’t seem egotistical.
  • It connects the dots. Tim's letter is like an easy connect-the-dots puzzle. When I first read it, I found myself thinking, "Look at these connections, one after the other! It's as if Tim and his reader were destined to find each other."

Let's take a look at Tim's letter.

Sample Cover Letter for an Advertising Account Manager

Dear Manager,
Teamwork-oriented, Innovative and Motivated. If you take the first letters of each of these you get "TIM." That, coincidentally, is my name and why I believe I am the perfect fit for the Account Manager position placed on the XX LinkedIn page.I was particularly excited to see an opening at xx as your agency is one of the leaders in the advertising industry. Your new campaign for Wendy’s brought back memories of my tenure as a fast food manager while your campaign for Gears of War provided another testament as to why I am a technophile and video gamer.After reading over the job description on the LinkedIn page, I realized that the skills and traits you desire are ones that I not only possess but love exhibiting and contributing with. I have eight months of experience as a Media Associate at Mindshare and four months of experience as an SEO Specialist and Account Manager. I have a passion for health and wellness that was further fueled while working on the Lundbeck account at Mindshare.

In addition, I am versatile and enthusiastic about learning new software and concepts. While working on the Lundbeck account, I also worked on the Heart and Stroke account and used industry standard software such as DDS Ad Buyer, PrintPak and Clear Decisions. I enjoyed staying at the office well past the end of the business day, working on blocking charts and decks, and I enjoyed interacting directly with both clients and vendors. My manager even told me that I may have been the only person who enjoyed sending out Insertion Orders!

My love of the industry is further fueled by the education I received from Sheridan College. Through this education I learned the basics of Account Management and Media Relations as well as key software that is used in the industry. These basics were essential during my tenure at Mindshare and I look forward to employing them at XX.

Enthusiasm, hardworking and teamwork-oriented are the exact qualities you are seeking in your job description. I possess all of these and look forward to employing them as an Account Manager at XX. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email (xx) or via my cell at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Tim XX

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