Good Job Offer Follow-Up: A Thank You Note or Email

Here's a question about sending a thank you note or email as a follow-up to a job offer. What would you do if you were in this person's shoes?

How Should I Follow Up on a Job Offer?

At the first of this month, I accepted a "contingent" job offer from a prospective employer. The primary contingency was that the company would be awarded a contract for some work at a local facility. The time frame for the award is expected to be this month. I thought it was a good idea to call them and follow up, but was previously advised not to do so. However, I still think otherwise.

Also, I neglected to write a formal thank you letter around the normal two-day time frame. Actually, I was in constant contact with the company for input regarding my resume for the contract proposal.

- Is it too late to write a formal thank you letter?
- If I should still write the letter should it be via email or snail mail, since most of the communication with the employer was via phone or email?
- Should I contact them to follow up on the job offer and where they stand with the contract award? If so, is it a good idea to make it part of a formal thank you letter?
- Rafael

A Thank Your Email is a Great Way to Follow Up on a Job Offer

By all means, send a thank you email. It's never too late to say "thank you." It would have been better had you written it sooner, but "better late than never," as the saying goes.

In your email, mention the contract but don't be pushy. Maybe something like,

"Please let me know if there's anything you need from me in regard to the contract proposal."

Trust the employer to get in touch with you when the time is right. There are still two weeks left in this month, so be patient.

Wishing you the best with your job offer!