Free Sample Letter of Introduction (and Template)

Need to introduce two people online but don't know how to do it? Feel free to use my professional Letter of Introduction template (below). Or take my sample letter of introduction and adjust it to connect the dots in your network.

In today's busy world, a quick email is often the best way to put two people in touch. Over the years, I've seen some really good letters of introduction. The best ones are professional, friendly, and gracious. They help two strangers meet, and at the same time they make the person making the introduction look (and feel) good. That's a win-win-win!

The key, of course, is to write a good letter of introduction. So let's take a look at how to do that.

The Nuts and Bolts of a Good Letter of Introduction

Let's say you want to introduce two friends or associates. You can send one letter of introduction that's addressed to both of them with a short intro to each other. Here's how to put it together inside your one email message.

  • Write two personal notes (one after the other) — one note for each of the two people you are introducing.
  • In each of your personal notes, say how you know the other person.
  • Also say one or two good things about that person as a way of breaking the ice and giving a little insight into why you thought your two friends would want to know each other.
  • End with a message addressed to both of your friends, with a hand-off that let's them know you're stepping out of the way so they can now email each other directly.

That's it! Your part is done and your two friends can take it from there.

Letter of Introduction Template

I'm a big fan of using letter templates. So I thought I'd share my Letter of Introduction Template with you. You're welcome to use it, too.

Hello _____________ (Friend #1),
I'd like you to meet _________(first and last name of Friend #2). I know ___________ (first name of Friend #2) through ________________. (Add a brief compliment about Friend #2.)

Hello _____________ (Friend #2),
Please meet _________(first and last name of Friend #1). I know _________(first name of Friend #1) through ________________. (Add a brief compliment about Friend #1.)

_________(First name of Friend #1) and _________(first name of Friend #2),
I'm pleased to make this introduction, as you are both valued members of my network. (Briefly refer to something they have in common or what you picture them working on).

Best to both of you!
_______ (Your name)

Sample Letter of Introduction

Here's an example of how I used this template for an email of introduction. (By the way, these are not the real names of my friends.)

Hello Mike,
I'd like you to meet Ron Qwmp. I know Ron through my LinkedIn discussion group where we've been leading a lively Q&A about how Applicant Tracking Systems work and sometimes don't work so well in the recruiting process. Ron really knows his stuff!

Hello Ron,
Please meet Mike Wkltgg. I know Mike from our many years in the career development field. He and I have worked on over twenty articles for some pretty high-profile websites. Mike is the kind of critical thinker and writer I truly value.

Mike and Ron,
I'm pleased to make this introduction as you are both valued members of my network. I think you'll find you have some things in common (such as cycling), in addition to the obvious topic of job search in today's economy.

Best to both of you!
Susan Ireland