Examples of Resume Job Objective Statements for Project Management

Out of all the resume examples for Project Management on this site, why do so few have job objective statements? Many of them have a professional title (such as "Project Manager") at the top in place of the objective statement. Or they use one of the other alternatives to the objective statement.

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One way or another, your resume should make your career goal clear to your reader. Here are times when writing a job objective statement might be the best way to do that:

  • You're making a career change. (For example, you want to move from being an Administrative Assistant to a Project Manager.)
  • You're new to project management work and have very little or no experience in the field. (Maybe you're fresh out of college with only a few part-time jobs waiting tables to put on your resume.)

If you decide to have a resume job objective statement, read How to Write a Job Objective Statement. And check out the following statements to get ideas for how to write a concise yet meaningful statement for your resume.

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Project Management Job Objective Statements

The following were taken from this site's group of Project Management Resume Samples.

Career Objective: Project Manager for an Internet / Software company

Objective: A Project Management position focusing on Program Development and Training

Objective: A position in Project Management

Job Objective: Auto Industry Program or Project Manager

Job Objective: Project Management with a focus on Organization and Training

And one more. This one is from a resume example created by my Ready-Made Resume Builder:

Job Objective: Assistant Manager or Project Manager in Human Resources

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