11 Examples: Job Objective Statements for Human Resources

If you're in the Human Resources profession, you see lots of examples of long, boring job objective statements on applicants' resumes. You wouldn't mind those statements if they were really concise — not filled with useless "fluff."

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But you're not interested in reading about how the job seeker wants "a challenging position" (who doesn't?) or seeks to "utilize his skills and experience" (what else would he use?) or any of the other obvious stuff people write to bulk up their objective statements.

So, now that you're writing your own resume for a Human Resources job, it's time to learn from others' mistakes! Don't write a long, boring resume job objective statement.

For help with that, feel free to follow my guidelines for writing a concise job objective statement. Or, if you think you don't need a job objective statement, be sure to you fit the profile for using an alternative to the job objective statement.

About Our Sample Job Objective Statements

You'll notice that each of the examples of job objective statements on this page is no more than 10 words long. Many are just a few words. "Less is more" in this case because a short statement:

  • Makes your resume look quick and inviting to read.
  • Makes you look focused and professional.

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Objective: Position as Employment Specialist

Job Objective: An employee-training position with a focus on team building

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Career Objective: Developmental Training Coordinator

Objective: Director of Human Resources

Job Objective: Employee/Client Trainer

Job Objective: Executive Administrator, Human Resources

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