93 Examples of What a Resume Heading Format Should Look Like

Because your resume may be your first chance to make a good impression on a recruiter or employer, and your resume heading is at the very top of your resume, you'll want to have a heading that looks professional and contains all the right info. Check out these examples of what a resume heading should look like, so your first impression is a good one!

Don't want to deal with slippery formatting? Here's your way around it:

What You Should List in Your Resume Heading

Your resume heading needs to contain your name and contact information. Here's a checklist of what most resume headings contain:

  • Name
  • Snail mail address (street, city, state, and zip code)
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Other info (such as your social media address, professional title, and initials of a college degree or professional certification) can also be added. Or, if you have a special circumstance, you may choose to list only the bare minimum: your name and email address or phone number. To learn more about what to include and how to arrange that info, see Examples of What Info Goes in a Resume Heading.

Tips for What Your Resume Heading Should Look Like

Once you've decided what information to list in your heading, you're ready to put that info in a format at the top of your resume. Here are some tips:

Examples of Good Resume Heading Formats

Let's look at some resume heading formats (layouts). Perhaps you'll find one you want to use or you'll be inspired to create one of your own.

The following examples are grouped in three major categories: centered, left-justified (text is flush left), and right-justified (text is flush right). Within each group are subgroups of variations on a design element: plain, lines, shadow lines, and boxes (borders).

Note: Some of these examples have very subtle differences, such as the weight of lines or which side of the line the shadow is positioned.

31 Examples of Centered Resume Headings

Because these resume heading examples are meant to show graphic layout ideas, they all contain the same text: name, snail-mail address, email address, and phone number.

Basic centered resume headings that are plain and simple:
Basic centered resume headings

Centered resume headings with lines:
Centered resume headings with lines 2Centered resume heading samples with lines

Centered resume headings with shadow lines:centered-resume-headings-shadow-lines-1centered-resume-headings-shadow-lines-2

Centered resume headings in boxes (borders):

31 Examples of Left-Justified Resume Headings

Basic left-justified resume headings that are plain and simple:
Left-justified resume headings with lines:left-justified-resume-headings-lines-1left-justified-resume-headings-lines-2left-justified-resume-headings-lines-3

Left-justified resume headings with shadow lines:left-justified-resume-heading-shadow-line-1left-justified-resume-heading-shadow-line-2

Left-justified resume headings in boxes (borders):left-justified-resume-headings-box

31 Examples of Right-Justified Resume Headings

Basic right-justified resume headings that are plain and simple:
Right-justified resume headings with lines:right-justified-resume-heading-lines-1right-justified-resume-heading-lines-2right-justified-resume-heading-lines-3
Right-justified resume headings with shadow lines:right-justified-resume-headings-shadow-lines-1right-justified-resume-headings-shadow-lines-2
Right-justified resume headings in boxes (borders):

How to Create Lines, Shadow Lines, and Boxes in MS Word

It's really quite simple to create a resume heading, thanks to the magic of word processing. Here's how to do it in MS Word:

Page Layout > Borders

  1. With your resume document open, type your resume heading at the top of your page using the bold, font size, and alignment format you want.
  2. Highlight all the items in your heading.
  3. Go to the MS Word tool bar above your document and select Page Layout.
  4. Select Page Borders.
  5. Click on the options you want for line type, width, and placement around your heading text.
  6. Click OK and take a look at your new resume heading. Keep adjusting your selections until you have exactly what you want.

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