7 Examples of Resumes With Certification Sections

There are a few ways to list certifications on a resume. To figure out which is best for your resume, think about how many certifications you want to list and how relevant they are to your job objective. Do you want to shine a spotlight on them, or simply list them on your resume?

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Here are the two most common ways to present certifications on your resume:

  • Create a Certifications section. This shines the spotlight on your certificates and puts them right where the reader can see them — a good idea if they are especially relevant to your job objective.
  • List certifications under another section such as your Education section (see 22 Examples of Certificates in Resume Education Sections). This gives you a tidy way of listing your certificates without shining a spotlight on them — a good idea if they are not especially relevant to your job objective.

Sample Resumes with Certification Sections

Following are some resumes that have Certification sections. In each case, the certifications are highly relevant to the job objective. Notice how listing them in their own Certification section helps the certificates stand out on the resume.

Resume: Administrative Assistant
Sara didn't get a college degree. She earned a professional certificate that's relevant to her job objective, so she listed it under Certification at the end of her resume. Notice that she wrote "Certification" instead of "Certifications" because she had only one certification to list.

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Chronological Resume Sample Administrative Assistant

Resume: Legal Assistant/Paralegal

Because Helen didn't go to college, she listed only the relevant certifications she earned. For that reason, she labeled the section "Certifications" instead of "Education." She also placed this section high on the resume because she knew it was one of her strong points.

Note that because Helen got her certifications quite a while ago, she didn't list the date for each one. That's because she didn't want to give such a big hint about her age.

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Combination Resume Sample Legal Assistant Paralegal

Resume: Health Coach

Carrie has four certifications listed in the Certifications section of her resume. The first two require regular updating, so she included the expiration dates. The third one does not expire, so there was no need to list a date. She is still working on the fourth certification, so she wrote "in progress" after it.

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Resume: Flight Engineer

Ronald left the dates off in his Certificates section because they are not needed and they would have given away his age, which could have been a problem in his job search.

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Resume Sample for a Flight Engineer

Resume: MFCC Therapist
Ian placed his Certification section near the top of page one because his license and certification are highly relevant to his career change and job objective.

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Example Resume MFCC Therapist Marriage, Family Child Counseling PsychologyExample Resume MFCC Therapist Marriage, Family Child Counseling Psychology pg2

Resume: Medical Coder

Sarah's CPC-A is key to her job search, so she listed that certification twice on her resume: next her name in her resume heading and again in her Certification & Training section.

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Resume: Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Fayed created a Certifications section, which he placed immediately after his Education section. Notice that he listed dates after each certification, including the start date and current status (June 2013-Present).

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Combination Resume Example Nuclear Medicine Technologist p1
Combination Resume Example Nuclear Medicine Technologist p2

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