Listing a Certification in a Resume Summary: 3 Examples

The Summary section of a resume is not the usual place to list a professional certification, but for some job seekers, it's just the right spot. That was the case in each of the following three resume examples.

Writing a Summary statement about a certification works well if you:

  1. Want to place a certification near the top of your resume to make it more likely to be seen in an initial quick read by an employer.
  2. Want to mention your certification more than once on your resume, assuming you are also listing it in your Certifications sectionEducation section, or resume heading.
  3. Have a personal certification that is highly relevant to your professional job objective. By listing it in a Summary statement you can highlight how it is relevant.

Resumes with Certifications in the Summary Sections

Take a look at the following resumes to see how these three job seekers referred to certifications in their Summary sections.

Manager of Procurement
In the last statement of her Summary of Qualifications section, Terry mentions her APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society) certification:

  • APICS certification expected December 2004.

The APIC certification is a key qualifier for Terry's job objective (Planner or Manager in Procurement, Supply Chain, or Inventory/Materials) so she wanted to be sure her prospective employer saw it in his initial scan of her resume. Note: Terry's resume was written in November 2004, so the expected date of December 2004 was right around the corner.

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Example Resume Procurement, Supply Chain, or Inventory ManagementExample Resume Manager Procurement Supply Chain Inventory p2

Management of Pupil Transportation and Safety Training
In the first bullet point statement of Lynn's Summary of Qualifications, she included "State Certified Instructor since 1996." This certification is a key qualifier for her job objective: A Management position in Pupil Transportation and Safety Training, so she wanted to list it high on page one of her resume, where her potential employer wouldn't miss it. Note: She also listed it in her Education & Certification section at the end of page two.

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Example Resume Management Pupil Transportation Safety TrainingExample Resume Management Pupil Transportation Safety Training pg2

Executive Management and Leadership
In the second bullet point statement of her Strengths section near the top of page one of her resume, Susie mentions that she is a Class IV-V whitewater rafter.

  • More than 8 years as an avid Class IV-V whitewater rafter, with trips to Nepal, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Mongolia, Chile, and New Zealand. Skilled in easily building rapport with individuals from diverse cultures.

Although being a Class IV-V whitewater rafter is an aspect of Susie's personal life, it strongly supports her career objective in leadership and motivation, and therefore deserves to be highlighted on her resume. It also paints the picture of her as an energetic woman who knows how to take charge.

We should note that "Class IV-V" is not actually a certification, but we felt this example should be included in this group because it shows a level of skill and accomplishment much the way a certification does.

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Sample Resume Executive Management Leadership P1Sample Resume Executive Management

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