Professional Certification in the Resume Heading: 4 Examples

Here's an easy way to highlight a professional certification that is a key qualifier in your field: Write either the initials for the certification or the spelled-out version in the heading of your resume. You would also list it lower on your resume, such as in the Education section (see Examples of Resume Education Sections) or the Certifications section (see Examples of Resumes With Certification Sections).

Reasons you might want to mention a certification in your resume heading include:

  1. Your certification serves as your professional title or it is highly relevant to your career.
  2. Because your certification is at the very top of your resume and can be in a bold and large font, your reader will easily see it.
  3. If your resume is more than one page long, you can highlight your certification in the heading on each of your resume pages.

4 Examples of Resumes with Certifications in Their Headings

Take a look at the following resume examples to see how these four job seekers placed their certifications in their resume headings.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Because Edwin wrote "CPA" right after his name in the heading, he did not need to state a job objective on his resume. His CPA certification is also listed under Education, which is the first section of his resume. There's no way a potential employer scanning his resume could miss this required qualification for the job he seeks.

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Chronological Resume Example CPA pg1

Chief Financial Officer
Earl's CPA strongly supports his career objective, Chief Financial Officer. By placing his certification in large text next to his name in his resume heading, he ensures that in an initial scan of the resume, his reader has the required information. Also, Earl has two resume headings (at the top of page one and page two), which gives two chances for him to highlight his CPA, in addition to listing it in his Education & Professional Affiliations section.

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Chronological Resume Example Chief Financial Officer pg1
Chronological Resume Example Chief Financial Officer pg2

Radiologic Technologist
Felix used his heading to state his profession very clearly at the start of his resume. After his name, he placed:

  • R.T. for his certificate in Radiologic Technology.
  • (R) for Radiography and (MR) for Magnetic Resonance. These are placed in parentheses because they are subspecialty certifications.

These three certifications tell his reader what type of job he is seeking, as well as the fact that he is a certified professional in his field.

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Medical Coder
At the time Sarah wrote the following resume, she was on the verge of completing her CPC (Certified Professional Coder). Because this certification is a key qualification for her profession, she highlights it four times on her resume:

  1. In the resume heading as initials after her name: SARAH CKYTFDW, CPC-A.  By adding "-A" to the certification, she is telling her reader that she is still in her apprenticeship program.
  2. Spelled out as her professional title right under her heading (in place of a job objective statement): CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL CODER. Note that she added "Apprenticeship near completion" under her title.
  3. As the first entry in her Certification & Training section: CPC-A, Certified Professional Coder, March 2017.
  4. In the second bullet point of her current job under her History section: Upon completion, "Apprentice" designation will be removed from CPC certification, representing a full year of coding experience.

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