100 Examples of Resume Job Objective Statements

Looking for examples of resume job objective statements so you can write a good one on your resume? Here are 100 job objective statements taken from the resume samples on this site. I hope they give you ideas for how to write yours.

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A Good Job Objective Statement Is Lean and Mean

Notice that most of these resume job objective statements are each 10 words or less. In some cases, they include lists of terms that help define the objectives. But the look and feel of each one is lean and mean. No extra fluff like "looking for a challenging position" or "seeking a position in a growth-oriented company" or "utilizing my skills and experience to advance my career." None of that extra stuff that doesn't mean anything to the reader. Just the facts: What the job seeker wants.

What to Call Your Job Objective Statement

There's no rule about what to call the Job Objective section on your resume. As you can see in these examples, some headings are "Job Objective." Others are "Career Objective." And some are just plain "Objective." Other headings I've seen: "Career Goal" and "Job Goal." Maybe you have something else you prefer.

100 Sample Resume Job Objective Statements

I've grouped all the resume job objective statements according to type of career. But look beyond your career heading to see if there's something you can learn from other sections.

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More Samples
Want to see the full resumes that go with these job objective statements? You'll find them all in my collection of 100+ resume samples.

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