Examples of Matching Resumes and Cover Letters

On this page, you'll find examples of matching resumes and cover letters. In each case, the job seeker created the resume first and then the cover letter. As a matching set, it was either sent to an employer or recruiter via email or posted to a company or resume website.

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Matching Resume and Cover Letter Samples

Let's take a look to see how each resume joined forces with its cover letter to convince an employer or recruiter to call the job seeker for an interview.

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Account Manager in Sales/Marketing
The resume in this set is a general resume that was posted on one of the big job boards.
This is the cover letter that was used as a follow-up to a recruiter who responded to the resume on the job board.
The resume in this set is targeted to a specific job at a specific energy firm. This was a slight career change for this job seeker.
This cover letter is targeted to a recruiter within the energy firm mentioned above.
Distribution/Warehouse Associate
The resume in this set was written to match a job posting found on a company website.
This cover letter is addressed to an inside recruiter at the company. It uses a "call and response" technique to target the online job post.
Employee Trainer
The resume in this set was used to apply for several employee training jobs.
This cover letter is to a Director of Human Resources who is also a member of the job seeker's professional network.
This second cover letter is written to the hiring manager at a different company. It starts by mentioning someone the job seeker and the manager both know.
Environmental Scientist
The science resume in this set is a shorter version of the job seeker's academic CV. It is used mostly for non-academic job applications.
This cover letter's main feature is the use of bullet point statements to highlight relevant job qualifications.
Event Coordinator
The resume in this set could be used for applying for either a PR or Event Planner job since both positions require many of the same skills.
This cover letter was targeted for an Event Coordinator position with a large firm.
Financial Editor
The resume in this set was written after the job seeker resigned from his most recent job. He was unemployed at the time.
This email cover letter was responding to a job posting for a contractual job in the job seeker's field.
High School Counselor Internship
The resume in this set was written by a college student who was seeking an internship as part of her Master's degree program.
This cover letter was sent to a school district's Human Resources department where there was an internship job opening.
Medical Sales
The resume in this set is for a go-getter who's looking for a step up in her career.
This email cover letter uses bullet point statements to make a quick impression.
Project Manager
The resume in this set uses skill headings to draw parallels between the past and the future.
This cover letter is targeted to a specific employer and is very personable and convincing.
Senior Sales Account Executive
The resume in this set lists impressive freelance work to fill an employment gap at the top of the Experience section.
This cover letter is a compelling sales piece that hits the employer's bottom line.
Sporting Goods Sales
The resume in this set lists professional and personal achievements that relate to the job seekers job objective.
This is a follow-up email sent to the hiring manager after the job seeker was invited for a job interview.
Director of Workforce Development
The three-page resume in this set is for a professional with a very long and impressive career history.
This is the cover letter sent by the job seeker to the hiring manager, along with his resume.

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