How to List Professional Development on a Resume: 3 Examples

Some job seekers create sections on their resumes called Professional Development. This section could be in addition to the Education section or, if the job seeker doesn't have a college degree, it might replace the Education section.

Professional activities that could be listed under Professional Development include:

  • Company training
  • Online coursework
  • Professional workshops
  • One-on-one training
  • Seminars
  • Adult education
  • Apprenticeships/internships

Employers Like Seeing Professional Development on Resumes

Ongoing learning is a plus in almost every career field. Employers value applicants' professional development because it shows their willingness to stay abreast of information in their fields, as well as their commitment to keeping their skills up to date.

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3 Resume Examples That Have Professional Development Sections

Take a look at the following three examples to see how other job seekers have created Professional Development sections on their resumes.

Project Management
Mary doesn't have a college degree to put on her resume, so she labeled her last section "Professional Development" and listed training that supports her career change.

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Combination Resume Example Project Management

Senior Management
Betty wants the hiring manager to know that she is regularly updating her skills, as well as keeping her professional licenses up to date. In her Professional Development section, notice that she introduces her list with the statement "Ongoing professional development includes."

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Example Resume Senior Management Investment firm Client RelationsExample Resume Senior Management Investment Client Relationship Development

Executive Assistant
Although Anna didn't complete her college degree, she did take some college coursework that supports her job objective. She listed those courses under the heading "Professional Development." She preferred that term over "Education" because she felt the word "Professional" highlighted the relevance of her coursework.

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Chronological Sample Resume Executive Administrative Assistant

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