Examples of Certifications on Resumes

If you have one or more professional certifications, you most likely want to list them somewhere on your resume, especially if they are relevant to your job objective. You may even want to list some certificates that are not relevant. In either case, where on your resume should you list them?

Listing Relevant Certifications on Your Resume

Here are four ways to highlight certifications that are relevant to your job
or career objective. You might do more than one, as long as it doesn't look like overkill. Follow these links to see examples:

A Certification Section on the Resume
Create a Certification(s) section if you want to give special attention to your professional certification(s). See 7 examples.

Certifications in the Education Section
By listing your professional certification(s) in your Education section (instead of in a Certification(s) section), you downplay them a bit and save a few spaces on your resume. See 22 examples.

Certifications in the Resume Heading
If you have a certification that's highly relevant to your profession, you might include it after your name in the resume heading (in addition to one of the above). See 4 examples.

Certifications in the Summary Section
To highlight a professional or nonprofessional certification that's relevant to your job objective, consider creating a bullet point statement about it in your resume's Summary section. See 3 examples.

Other Options for Listing a Certification

If your certification is not relevant to your career but it shows good character or a good personal trait, you might list it in your Community Service section, Personal Pursuits section, or other non-professional section near the end of your resume.