2nd Follow-Up Thank You Note After the Job Interview

We all know it's good to send a follow-up thank you note after the job interview. But what if you don't hear back from the employer? How much follow-up is too much?

Here's what I told one job seeker who had already sent a thank you note after his job interview and was still waiting for a response. His question: Should he follow up again... and again until he hears something back?

I Sent a Follow-Up Thank You Note After the Interview. Now What?

I went on a great interview, got a job offer, and told her that I had other options to consider and wanted to do a little research before I made my decision because I would be relocating. She encouraged this, and I left things on a positive note. I told her I would be in touch with her by the end of next week (the interview was on Thursday).

I sent a thank you email to her the next day, along with a request to clarify the compensation and benefits she offered. With no response I called this afternoon and was told she was unavailable. I left a message and have heard nothing back.

My question is, how far do I persue this? Do I make phone or email contact again? I am very interested in the job but I don't want to appear desperate.
- Sam (not his real name)

Do Your Homework

Hello Sam,
This is a delicate situation. As you say, you don't want to appear desperate and yet you want to land the job. I suggest you do a little detective work before making your next move.

How did you find out about this job opening? Did you find it through an online job posting? The newspaper? A recruiter? Through your network of friends and colleagues? Go back to your source to see if the job is still open. Or you could call Human Resources at the company to ask if the job has been filled.

If the position is closed, kiss that job good bye and move on. If you can't find out whether the job is still open, or if you really want to work at that company and would accept a different position, write another follow-up thank you letter. This time send it as hardcopy sent via snail mail so it stands out as something you are taking seriously.

A Sample Thank You Note Paragraph

Your letter might include something like:

I have looked closely at other employers and feel certain ABC company is the best match for my such-and-such talents, and is an environment where I can offer my utmost to improving your bottom line. For that reason, please consider me for the such-and-such job we discussed, or another role in the such-and-such department.

You might get other ideas for what to say by looking through my group of Sample Thank You Notes After the Job Interview. And here's a tool I find helpful when it comes to writing thank you notes: Thank You Letter Template for After the Interview.

After Your Next Job Interview

Sam, you were fully justified to ask for time to think through your career options before accepting this job. After all, you are relocating and it takes time to access your new job market. But, from the employer's point of view, she may have "heard" that you were a little "iffy" and she might have hired someone else who was ready to roll up his or her sleeves right away.

If this happens again in your job search, be sure to ask the employer (at the close of your interview) exactly how much time she needs for your answer. Then you can figure things out and let her know within that time frame.

I hope you land this job and you enjoy your new location. Best of luck!