I'm Currently Unemployed. Should I Mention That in My Cover Letter?

You're currently unemployed. Should you talk about that in a cover letter? Or is it better to avoid the "unemployment" issue with the hope that it will not be noticed by a potential employer? Most of us have taken time off during our careers—sometimes by choice, sometimes not by choice. In either case, no matter...more »

How Using a Professional Resume Writer Can Build Your Confidence

Hiring a professional resume writer to write or review your resume can be magical... if you get a writer who is skilled at drawing out the best in you and loves the process of putting those wonderful traits on paper. A good resume writer is an advocate who wants you to succeed and does her...more »

93 Examples of What a Resume Heading Format Should Look Like

Because your resume may be your first chance to make a good impression on a recruiter or employer, and your resume heading is at the very top of your resume, you'll want to have a heading that looks professional and contains all the right info. Check out these examples of what a resume heading should...more »

Examples of What Info Goes in a Resume Heading

Your resume heading is important and should contain all the necessary info for an employer or recruiter to contact you. It's also helpful in some cases for that info to convey a little more about you, such as where you live (for example, what state or area within that state). Depending on your comfort level...more »

Should I Use .doc or .docx Word File Format for My Resume and Cover Letter?

For a long time I recommended sending your resume or cover letter formatted as a .doc file, with the .doc extension; for example, susan-ireland-resume-technical-support.doc. Well, times have changed, and I now recommend sending your resume or cover letter formatted as a .docx file, with the .docx extension; for example, susan-ireland-resume-technical-support.docx. Also see: Should I Send...more »

Should I Send My Resume as a PDF or Word File Format?

The question of whether to send your resume as a PDF or Word file has become more important over the last few years. Many job seekers prefer to send their resumes as a PDF because the formatting is not likely to get scrambled when the document is transferred from one computer to another. However, some...more »

Cover Letters for Moms (and Dads) Returning to the Job Market

Are you a mom or dad returning to the job market after having taken time off to raise your kids? Here are some tips about how your cover letter can make that transition a little smoother. Many moms and dads who find themselves re-entering the workforce after one or many years of child rearing are...more »

Do I Really Need a Summary Section on My Resume?

I know, I know. The Summary section on your resume takes up valuable space on the page. Including this section on your resume might seem unimportant, irrelevant, or a waste of precious space. So when job seekers ask me, “Do I really need to include a Summary section on my resume?” I almost always answer:...more »

Cover Letter: How to Talk About Age and Dates to Avoid Discrimination

Age discrimination is illegal, but like it or not, employers usually try to figure out your age using the dates and number of years of experience you give in your cover letter and resume. If you think age discrimination is preventing you from getting a job interview, there are some honest "tricks" you can learn...more »

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