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It's not easy to make a career move on your own. If you're stuck, get help from a trained career counselor and coach who works with job seekers of all professions, industries, and levels of employment.

The following career professional works independently of Susan Ireland. You may engage her services by contacting her directly.

Roberta Rosen

Robert-Rosen-Career-Coach-150x150Roberta is a certified career coach who has 15 years in Fortune 500 management in addition to 7 years of experience in nonprofit management. She studied at the Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, Cambridge Technology, Inc., and the Coaches Training Institute. Roberta is adept at working with job seekers individually and at facilitating job-search strategy support groups.

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Roberta's coaching was invaluable. She helped me perfect my interviewing skills, gave me excellent job search strategies and helped me through a successful negotiation process. Her efforts made a real difference in my securing the ideal job. -- Katherine S.

Mission accomplished! What better proof of the efficiency of Roberta Rosen? I had a huge challenge before me as a nonAmerican citizen facing a cultural difference and having what I thought was a weakness in written and oral skills. Roberta helped me gain confidence, gave me the tools to face and overcome the culture difference, and gave me some advice that turned out to be key elements for my interview process. -- Stephane K.

Roberta has been invaluable in helping me navigate a challenging job transition. She is very encouraging and provides the structure and discipline that I need. She understands how to make suggestions, without making me feel overwhelmed. I'd recommend her to anyone without hesitation. -- Marci J.

Wanted to update you with my job search. I've signed a contract with the company we discussed and I'm starting in 1 week. Your negotiation tactic got me another $2500 in annual compensation. Thank you for the advice and guidance. -- Oleg B.

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