Job Interview Workshop

Need Help With Job Interviewing?
Check out the following job interviewing, salary negotiation, and job market advice.

If you get the jitters when you go on a job interview, you need this online workshop. With the following practical and strategic tips, you’ll sail through even the toughest interview!

21 Sample Interview Questions
Questions every job seeker could be asked in an interview plus questions specifically for managers. Advice for how to answer each question.

26 Job Interview Tips
A comprehensive online workshop that explains how to prepare for a job interview, how to answer tough questions, and how to wrap up the interview with a winning closer.

Salary Negotiation Skills
This online workshop gives practical and psychological negotiating tips for job seekers of every level of employment from mailroom clerk to CEO.

Get Personal Help: Hire a Job Search Coach
Learn how Susan Ireland's Job Search Coach can help you figure out and realize your next career move.

More Cool Career Sites
Links to other career sites that have good stuff including international job search info.