More Good Cover Letter Samples

Need some new ideas for what to say in your cover letter? I thought so. That's why I put together this collection of good cover letter samples by real job seekers.

From time to time, job seekers send me their cover letter samples, asking for me to review them. They know that their cover letters and my reviews will be posted here on my website for others to see. So, I invite you to browse through them.

What Makes a Good Cover Letter Sample?

When I review someone's cover letter, here are some of the points I look for.

  • It looks quick and easy to read. Paragraphs are short and, if there's a lot of info on a topic, it's listed in bullet point format rather than a dense block of text.
  • The first few sentences grab me. They say something that draws the reader in and creates a connection with him or her.
  • It's tailored for the job and employer. I don't mean a one-size-fits-all boilerplate with just the name of the company and job title filled in. It should mention projects, products, or services that are specific to the employer.
  • Some personality shows through. I like a letter that gives me a hint of who this person is and what it would be like to speak with her — in an interview!
  • The wording is friendly and professional. That's the kind of person I'd want to hire so I look for those traits in a cover letter.

A Growing Collection of Cover Letter Samples

So, here they are — the best of the cover letter samples sent to me, along with my reviews. I'll add more letters as they come in, so check back when you have a chance, to see new masterpieces.

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