Extra Help: Resume Format, Cover Letter Template, and Job Reference Page

It's all well and good to read about how to create a resume, cover letter, and job reference page, but when it comes to actually creating these documents, you may need a little extra help. We offer a few ways to get a leg up on these things:

  • Resume, cover letter, and job reference page formats/templates that are free to copy and paste
  • Resume and cover letter builder
  • Professional resume writing services

Let's explore each of these options so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Free Copy-and-Paste Formats

The free resume, cover letter, and job reference page formats we offer on this site are no frills, do-it-yourself tools that are excellent for breaking writer's block. They're great for taking the sweat out of tedious formatting such as indents, bold, bullet points, and other details that help make a document quick to read and make you look professional on paper. Here's where you can find those free formats:

Resume Format/Template

Free All-Purpose Basic Resume Format
We all know that a well-written resume can get you that all-important interview. But how do you even get started? Well, sometimes all it takes is a good resume format (template) to help guide you through the sections of a basic resume.

Here's my all-purpose basic resume format! It's free for you to copy and paste into a blank Word document.

Cover Letter Formats/Templates

Free Cover Letter and Cover Email Templates
Here's a free cover letter template that you can use as a guide for what to say in each paragraph of your cover letter. There's also one for writing a cover email. I hope these templates gives you a sense of structure and help you focus on how to connect with your reader.

Using a Cover Letter Template
No more staring at a blank cover letter page trying to figure it out! Here's another cover letter format/template (slightly different from the one above) that will help break your writer's block, give you the right cover letter format, and prompt you to write about the kinds of things a potential employer wants to know about you.

Job Reference Sheet Format/Template

Template to Create a Basic Job Reference Sheet
Trying to create a job reference sheet for a potential employer? Here's a free basic job reference sheet template you can use. Just copy the text, paste it into a Word document, and away you go!

Ready-Made Resume Builder

Susan Ireland's Ready-Made Resume Builder is a collection of 150 resume templates and lots of examples (over 200 at the moment and growing). Each template has built-in solutions to work history and education problems, as well as copy-and-paste phrases for each section. Likewise, there are templates and samples for cover letters and thank you notes.

You can sign up for a one-year membership for a low fee right here: Susan Ireland's Ready-Made Resumes.

Professional Resume Writing Services

Don't want to write your resume and cover letter yourself? Or, maybe you've already written your resume and just need someone to review it. Consider hiring a professional resume writer on my team: Professional Resume Service. Each resume writer on our team is trained in writing and formatting professional resumes and promises that she will do her best to produce the highest quality resume and cover letter possible for you. She can even help with your LinkedIn profile.

Most of our clients are referred by previous clients, so you know we're good!

Susan Ireland Resume Author Susan Ireland is the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume and creator of Susan Ireland's Ready-Made Resume Builder.