500+ Examples of Resume Statements, Phrases, and Sections

Got resume writer's block? Maybe you're stuck on what to write for one of your resume statements. Or, you're looking for some help with a specific section of your resume. If so, see if these examples of resume statements, phrases, and sections do the trick. By reading what others have written, you may get good ideas for what to write on your own resume.

To create this collection, I went through all the resume samples on this site, and pulled out phrases and short sections that I thought would be helpful. I grouped them by type of phrase or type of section, so you can browse a bunch with just one or two clicks.

This collection of sample resume phrases is growing all the time, so be sure to check back when you need more help.

100 Examples of Resume Job Objective Statements

In this section, you'll find Job Objective statement samples for these career types:

Administrative Assistants
Education Administration
Executive and Middle Management
Finance and Accounting
Human Resources
Inventory/Supply Chain Management
Project Management
Sales and Customer Service
Teaching and Training


190 Examples of Resume Summary Statements

In this group, there are resume Summary statement samples that state:

Career objective
Level of experience
Overall career achievements
Management or work style
Personal attributes


159 Examples of Resume Achievement Statements

Here you'll find many samples of resume achievement statements about money and more that are not about money. They are written for these career fields.

Administrative Assistants
Education Administration
Executive and Middle Management
Finance and Accounting
Human Resources
Inventory/Supply Chain Management
Marketing and Sales
Project Management
Writing and Editing


87 Examples of Resume Education Sections

Here you'll find the following sample Education sections:

CV for a Ph.D.
Pending Master's degree
Recent Master's degree
Recent Bachelor's degree
Not-so-recent Bachelor's degree
Bachelor's degree in progress
No college degree (but has a certification)


36 Examples of Certifications on Resumes

In this section you'll find the following examples of Certifications on Resumes:

Certification sections
Certifications listed in Education sections
Certifications included in resume headings
Certifications mentioned in Summary sections


Copy and Paste Resume Statements and Phrases

There's a cool feature you'll find in my Ready-Made Resume Builder. It's my Resume Phrases That Work section. It has over 80 resume statements and phrases you can copy and paste into your resume template. The phrases are good for:

Job Objective statements
Summary statements
Achievement statement
Skill headings

To access these phrases, just sign up for my Ready-Made Resume Builder.

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