Recommended Job Search Websites

Conducting an online job search can be overwhelming because there's just so much on the Internet to browse through. To help minimize your hunt for good job search websites, here's my list of recommendations:

Job-Hunt (
This extensive site specializes in up-to-the-minute job search advice.

JobStar (
This site offers lots of information and links to resources on how to prepare for and conduct a job search.

Damn Good Resume (
One of the first resume websites, this is a treasure chest of 65+ sample resumes and down-to-earth advice on how to write a damn good resume. This site was created by the late Yana Parker, author of The Damn Good Resume Guide.

Career Nook (
Created by my friend and colleague, Ronnie Ann, this blog offers a really personal touch. As its byline says: A warm, safe place to explore your career at any stage.