Cover Letter Email to a Recruiter from a Software Engineer

Charles sent this cover letter email along with his attached resume to Ms. Jenkins, an IT recruiter. What I like most about this cover letter is that it breaks two conventional cover letter "rules." By breaking (or bending) these rules, Charles sets himself apart (in a good way) from his competition and pretty much guarantees the recruiter will download and read his resume.

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Here are the two rule-breakers in Charles's cover letter:

  1. Bullet point for just one statement. Usually bullet points are used for a series of statements, but Charles broke that "rule" and used the bullet-point format to highlight his biggest career achievement.
  2. Salary request. In his last sentence, Charles states his desired salary range. This is a bold move and goes against most job search advice not to discuss salary until the job interview. Charles did this because he's confident he can get the salary he wants and because he can afford to be unemployed until that ideal job comes along.

Cover Letter Email to a Recruiter from a Software Engineer

Dear Ms. Jenkins,
With the current slowdown in hiring within the high-tech field, you must be flooded with resumes from outplaced software engineers such as myself. Please take a moment to consider my qualifications. I believe one in particular is highly marketable in this tight market:

  • I worked on the team that pioneered the technology that put the iPad on the map.

In today's increasingly mobile society, this technology has places to go, and I have ideas that could take us to the next step in office independence.

Please call me with prospective job opportunities. I am interested in a project management position in the $95K range.

Thank you!
Charles Herring

Attached: resume