Cover Letter Sample for Regional Sales Manager

Talk about a friendly cover letter sample that shows sales charisma! Check out this one by Don Black, a young man who wants to be Regional Sales Manager for Peet's Coffee and Tea.

As you read his cover letter, notice how Don slips from his easy-going writing style into bullet points that hit the bottom-line highlights of his sales career. His letter as a whole speaks volumes about how skilled he is at building rapport and making sales... in this case, selling himself to the hiring manager at Peet's.

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Fighting Age Discrimination of a Younger Sort

Don is in his early 20s. He suspects that he could face age discrimination if the hiring manager figures out his age in the initial hiring process — she might assume that he is too young to handle the responsibilities of a regional sales manager.

Don feels certain that if he can win a job interview, he'll be able to convince his interviewer that he has the maturity and know-how for a mid-level management role. So, in his cover letter he refers to his eight years of experience in retail sales to underscore his experience without suggesting that he is younger than most applicants for the job.

Cover Letter Example for a Regional Sales Manager

Don Black
001 Materdan Drive, #311
Oakland, CA 12345
[email protected]

March 30, 20xx

Ms. Carmen Song, District Manager
Peet's Coffee and Tea
001 Pond Alley
Oakland, CA 12345

Dear Ms. Song,
Nothing beats a Peet's cafe latte to get me going in the morning... or a steaming cup of Earl Grey to mellow me out in the afternoon. In addition to the high-quality beverages you serve (definitely the best around), I've always appreciated the lively, progressive atmosphere of your stores and your commitment to community involvement. That's why I'm determined to become your Regional Sales Manager.

My career in retail sales began eight years ago, when I discovered I had a natural talent for what's known as "consultative sales." I consistently turn relaxed, genuine conversations about customers' needs into sales. Moreover, my credibility, warmth, and product knowledge ensures return business.

Specifically, my sales accomplishments include:

  • Beat monthly sales goals by as much as 300%.
  • Trained and mentored the highest producing sales team in store history.
  • Rapidly ascended from Sales Associate to Sales Manager at Cuppa Joe, a coffee/tea store in the Orlando area.

I am eager to demonstrate what an asset I could be on your team. Thank you for reviewing my resume. I'm available to meet with you as early as next week.

Don Black

Attached: resume