Sample Cover Letter for a Financial Editor

This sample cover letter is for Roger, a Financial Editor who is looking for a contractual job for a financial news publication. He is responding via email to a job posting.

We also have Roger's matching resume: Chronological Resume Example: Financial Editor. (This link will open in a new window so you can toggle back and forth between the two documents.)

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There are a few things to note about this cover letter:

  • Email format. Since the following cover letter is being sent as an email, it doesn't need a heading, inside address, and date. It just starts right in with "Dear Director."
  • Dear Director. The job posting didn't give the name of a person in Human Resources, so Roger starts his letter with the general yet respectful salutation: "Dear Director."
  • Consistency. After you've read Roger's cover letter, be sure to look at his resume, just as an employer would. Notice how consistent the writing style is in both documents. When I read the two, I get a sense that Roger is a steady guy who is very comfortable with the written word.
  • Attachments. Roger attached two items to the following letter: his resume and a writing sample. Sending a writing sample is appropriate for Roger's job application. A quick look at it will help an employer know if Roger is a good fit for the job opening.

Sample Cover Letter for a Financial Editor

Dear Director,
As a financial editor and in-depth content writer with over eight years of experience, I was struck by how closely my qualifications match the Financial Editor candidate you describe in your recruitment ad. Reading about Broadwell’s “idea-marketplace” philosophy, as well as its international presence, piqued my interest.

The biggest challenge about financial writing, in my opinion, lies in finding a way to make the material easy and enjoyable to read and understand, while at the same time minding the grammar, sentence structure, and data accuracy. I enjoy meeting this challenge with each piece I write. As an example, I have enclosed a writing sample about the “January effect” in the stock market.

Would you consider working with me as a satellite telecommuter, on an independent-contractor basis? I am experienced in working remotely, meeting deadlines, and coordinating with and overseeing the work of other writers.

I welcome a phone call to discuss how we might best work together. You can reach me at (123) 555-5555 between 9:30 to 4:00 your time, when I am typically at my desk monitoring the market.
Roger Jnbgfv

Attached: Resume and Writing Sample