Cover Letter for Retail Sales

Here's a cover letter sample for Frank, a high school student who wants to work at his neighborhood music store. Makes sense. He loves music, he can talk shop with the store's customers, and he's a people-person.

He knows the general manager by name, so he wrote a somewhat personal letter to Mr. Hedgeland. Here you go...

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Frank Pardona
123 Beachcrest Road West
Bankcroft, NJ 12345
[email protected]

January 14, 20xx

Stan Hedgeland
General Manager
Rock 'n Roll Records
123 Parklanding Road
Atlantic City, NJ 12345

Dear Mr. Hedgeland,

I'd like to apply for the retail sales job opening you listed in the Atlantic Express last Friday. Throughout high school, I spent a little more time listening to rock 'n roll (as well as more current music styles) than my parents wished. As a result, I consider myself a 1950-to-present music buff, and would love a job that involved working with and around other people with that interest.

I'm an easy person to get along with and I'm pretty ambitious (I was voted "most likely to succeed" by my senior classmates). I can picture myself doing well on your sales floor.

I'm enclosing my resume in which I show not only my after-school jobs, but also my love of music, records, and musical instruments. I think you'll see that I live for music.

I'll come by your store next week in hopes of speaking with you about the job.

Thank you!

Frank Pardona

Enclosure: resume