Resume Cover Letter for a Resume Job Board

In addition to applying to individual companies, Suzanne posted her resume on, hoping to be found by recruiters searching the thousands of resumes on that site. Because keywords are so important to getting found, Suzanne included as many financial terms as possible in her online cover note so the database search engine would find her resume for a job in the financial services industry.

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About This Cover Letter for a Resume Job Board

Notice how smoothly the following keywords are woven into the content of her message:

  • financial services
  • financial consulting
  • banking
  • tax-return preparation
  • retirement planning
  • investment products

Of course, these terms are also found in the resume she posted on the website. Suzanne hopes that her many keywords will help her be found and that her well-written cover note will make a professional impression.

Check out this cover note that accompanied Suzanne's resume on the job board.

Dear Recruiter,
As a recruiter in the financial services sector, I'm sure you've reviewed hundreds of resumes for financial consulting positions. I bring an unusual combination of experience in banking and tax-return preparation that I believe will be helpful to your clients in financial services who provide retirement planning advice to their customers.

In addition to reviewing my resume, please consider granting me a phone interview to discuss job openings in the banking and investment products field. I can be reached at 123-555-1234.
Thank you!
Suzanne Steigler