Cover Letter for Investor Services Representative

Lilly wants to be an Investor Services Representative. Her cover letter does an excellent job of bridging her previous experience in client/stockholder relations and her current job objective.

This letter has a conversational style that reflects the interpersonal skills needed for Lilly's new job. Notice how she uses bullet point statements in the body of her letter to point out how she has already done much of what will be required as an Investor Services Rep.

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Lilly starts her letter with "Dear Recruiter" because she is sending it to the Human Resources Department of an investment relations firm. She does not know which recruiter in the firm will read her letter so she cannot use that person's name in her salutation.

Sample Cover Letter to an Internal Recruiter

Lilly Dixon
664 Maplewood Park
Tampa, FL 12345

August 19, 20xx

Dear Recruiter,

The market's been hot this year, and I imagine your phones are ringing off their hooks. With all that your clients have to juggle, they may overlook the importance of direct investor interactions.

I'm talking about the millions of phone calls that require patient explanations in terms that even new investors can understand. That's where I come in as an Investor Services Representative.

No, I've never worked for an investor relations firm before, but I have worked for one of the most respected corporations in the Tampa Bay Area: Denim Bros. I have been their Client/Stockholder Relations Representative for the last 10 years.

My average day looked something like this:

  • Served as liaison between stockholders and stock transfer agents.
  • Handled up to 100 phone calls a day from stockholders during the leveraged buyout.
  • Wrote client correspondence, frequently sending copies to the chairman/CEO.

I'd very much like to speak with you about your company's job openings in investor services. I will be in Northern Florida the last week in August. Please call me to schedule an appointment.

Thank you!

Lilly Dixon

Attached: resume