Email Cover Letter for Employee Training

This is Mitchell's second email cover letter in this collection. For each of his emails he attached his resume for employee training. Take a look at both of Mitchell's cover letters to see how he took a slightly different approach with each one. (See Cover Letter for Employee Trainer, along with my notes on it.)

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About This Email Cover Letter for Employee Training

The first thing Mitchell does in his email is mention his friend, Peter, who his reader also knows. This gives his message a jumpstart because Peter is well regarded in his field. Then Mitchell reminds Ms. Bizwall that they have already spoken by phone and that this email with resume is a follow-up to that call.

Based on their history, Mitchell feels comfortable keeping his email brief and asking for an interview in his last paragraph. He makes his request in the form of a suggestion because he doesn't want to seem pushy.

Here's Mitchell's email cover letter.

Dear Ms. Bizwall,
When Peter Markus initially talked with me about Paramount Consultants, he said, "Mitchell, you would be perfect as a trainer." Based on his recommendation and my own commitment to effective communications, I followed his advice and called you.

In our telephone conversation on May 1st, you informed me that no trainer positions were open. However, you invited me to send my resume so that I can be considered for future openings.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss my qualifications and your firm's needs. Please feel free to email or call me (123-555-1234) anytime.

Mitchell Tyree

Attached: resume