Cover Letter Sample: Director of Workforce Development

Jacob wants to continue his 20-year career in workforce development. A key feature of his cover letter (below) is his relocation from Oregon to Florida. In fact, he mentions it several times, always in a positive light.

Here's a quick look at the points that make this cover letter a good one:

  • Jacob explains that he is relocating to central Florida from Oregon for family reasons. His explanation implies that he intends to remain in Florida and would therefore be a stable employee.
  • He sums up his strong background in the field of workforce development, which he details in his resume (see Chronological Resume Sample: Director, Workforce Development).
  • Jacob shows that he has researched the workforce development situation in Florida and is ready to work on the challenges he will face in his new job.
  • Although he is applying for work at several organizations, Jacob assures his reader that his first choice is the Townsend Economic Development Corporation.
  • Jacob confidently suggests a job interview by saying he's willing to travel to Florida for a job interview prior to his move.

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Director of Workforce Development Cover Letter

Jacob Bqazx
189 Westfield Rd.
Salem, Oregon 12345
(123) 555-5555
[email protected]


February 7, 20xx


John Asdfr
Townsend Economic Development Corporation
9876 Wilson Parkway
Tampa, FL 12345


Dear Mr. Asdfr,

I saw your listing on FLWORKS, Job Order ID 123456, for the Director of Workforce Development at Townsend Economic Development Corporation. My wife and I are both from central Florida, and after serving in the U.S. Air Force and working in the federal government, we have decided it’s time we move back home near our families. The city of Townsend is consistently rated the #1 place to live in Florida. Coincidentally and much to my excitement, I believe my qualifications are exactly what you are looking for in this position.

I have over 20 years of direct experience in Workforce Development, with extensive time in Human Resources, Public Relations, Employee Development and Organizational Development. In fact, I have looked at your community visioning charrette and other available resources such as FLSU, Florida Education Campus, Florida Seeds and FL WINS. I see that you have set up the city of Townsend, and in turn the next Director of Workforce Development, for continued success. I would be honored if I were given the opportunity to join such a remarkable team.

As stated above, the top priority for my family is to relocate permanently back to central Florida. For that reason I’m applying for other positions in the region. However, I assure you, Townsend — and specifically your Workforce Development position — is my first preference without question! I understand you will be reviewing resumes on February 16th. I will call you on the 17th to see if you have any questions, discuss some ideas I already have for the position, and possibly set up an interview. I can come to Townsend with minimal notice if desired. Thank you very much for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Jacob Bqazx

Enclosure: Resume for TEDC Director of Workforce Development