Follow-Up Email Cover Letter for IT Position

Often a job application for an IT or other technical job doesn't require a formal cover letter. A brief cover email may be all you need to introduce your attached resume. In fact, many technical job postings say "Send resume" without mentioning a cover letter. This implies that an attached cover letter is not needed.

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If your email is a follow-up to a meeting or phone call, it's a good idea to remind your reader about your previous conversation. This was especially true for Pam (see email below) who met Mr. Green at a job fair. He must have met hundreds of job seekers at the fair, so Pam was smart to tickle Mr. Green's memory about her conversation with him.

About This Follow-Up Cover Letter

This follow-up cover letter had three goals:

  1. Establish a personal connection.
  2. Introduce an attached resume.
  3. Initiate a next step.

Notice how Pam achieved all three of her goals in a friendly and professional way:

  1. In her first paragraph she reminds Mr. Green of their chat that morning.
  2. In her second paragraph she alerts him to her attached resume.
  3. In her third paragraph she tells him she'll call the next day.

Cover Letter for IT Position

Here's the email Pam sent to the recruiter.

Dear Mr. Green,
I'm very glad I met you at the career fair this morning. I especially enjoyed learning that you and my former professor at Dartmouth, Ms. Kane, are associates.

Because I know you plan to fill the IT position quickly, I am emailing you my resume, which is attached.

I'll call you tomorrow to be sure you got all that you need for my application.
Pam Smith