Follow-Up Email to an Employer in Computer Chip Development

It's a simple task to follow up on a job interview request with an email. Just be sure you take full advantage of this opportunity to set yourself up for success in that interview.

In the following email, Tony not only confirms the job interview by asking what time Mr. LeRoy wants to have the meeting, but he also sets the stage for it. He explains that he's going to bring some materials that are relevant to Mr. LeRoy's computer chip development company.

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You see, Tony already has a relationship with the company. In his current job as a computer parts distributor, he knows Mr. LeRoy's products well. By bringing his inventory sheets to the interview, Tony has the perfect chance to show off his knowledge and discuss how he will perform well on the job he's interviewing for.

This also makes the job interview easier for Mr. LeRoy since Tony will be so well prepared and eager to talk shop.

Sample Follow-Up Email to Confirm a Job Interview

Subject: Tony Bigelow interview, Wed., 9-22

Dear Mr. LeRoy,
Thank you for suggesting we meet for an interview. My calendar is open next Wednesday. What time would you like me to be at your office?

I will bring my former inventory sheet, which demonstrates the breadth of my familiarity with your products. I've been representing them as a distributor for the last three years.

I'm looking forward to our meeting.
Thank you,
Tony Bigelow
[email protected]