Follow-Up Letter for an Informational Interview

With this follow-up letter, Cindy is reconnecting with Ms. Winters, someone she met a few years ago. Cindy is not asking Ms. Winters for a job. She's thinking about making a career change from florist to event planner. She's asking for an informational interview to get insight into event planning, which is Ms. Winters' profession.

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About This Follow-Up Letter for an Informational Interview

This letter is in hardcopy format, however Cindy could have sent it as an email by using just the body of the letter (without the header, date, and inside address).

Cindy starts by reminding Ms. Winters that they met at a wedding two years ago. This short sentence also brings to mind that they have a common friend: the groom. In the second sentence, she makes it clear that she's not asking Ms. Winters for a job. Rather, she wants to apply for a job at the convention center.

Then, Cindy very politely asks for the favor of a meeting over coffee, and even suggests days that are good to meet. All in all, Cindy is trying to make her request easy and enjoyable for Ms. Winters. Take a look.

Cindy Wisebott
56 West Hollow Dr.
Houston, TX 12345

August 18, 20xx

Ms. Betsey Winters
General Manager
Events For You
592 Colgate Ave.
Houston, TX 12345

Dear Ms. Winters,

When we met two years ago at Robin Tankel's wedding, I was amazed at how well you had orchestrated her reception. Now, after six years as a florist, I'm thinking about applying for a position as an event planner at the Houston Convention Center.

Before I jump headlong into event planning, would you be kind enough to consult with me? I'm interested in learning more about what's involved in your profession.

Every Thursday, I work near your office on Colgate Avenue. Perhaps one Thursday in the next few weeks we can get together over coffee. May I call your office to set something up?

Best wishes with your business!


Cindy Wisebott