Follow-Up Email to a Recruiter for Sales Job

This is an email sent to a recruiter to follow up on the recruiter's request for a telephone interview. Allen's email message could have been really short with just a confirmation that he's available for an interview. But Allen took this as an opportunity to make a plug for the sales job he's applying for.

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About This Follow-Up Email to a Recruiter

Allen posted his resume on the career webpage at Western Automotive. Later that day he got an email from the Western Automotive recruiter asking Allen for a telephone interview. Allen immediately sent the following email.

Allen knew the competition for the sales job he wanted was fierce, so he used his email reply to do a little selling... of himself for the job. Notice how he uses "bullet point" statements to highlight his strengths. Allen hoped that these points would be used as talking points in his telephone interview since he had great examples to back them up.

Notice that Allen used the recruiter's first name, Rachel, in his salutation. That was how Rachel signed off in her email to Allen, so Allen assumed it was how she wanted to be addressed. Otherwise, he would have written "Dear Ms. So-and-So."

Allen closed his email with a question about which day is best for the interview. This simple question does three things.

  1. It asks for an appointment time so Allen can be prepared when the recruiter calls for his interview.
  2. Although he says he's available any day next week, he suggests Monday or Tuesday, which shows he's eager for the job.
  3. It asks for a reply from the recruiter, which creates the sense of a conversation between the two of them.

Here's the follow-up email Allen wrote.

Subject: Your interview request for sales associate, Allen Temple

Dear Rachel,
Thank you for your request for a telephone interview for the sales associate job at Western Automotive. I can definitely speak with you any morning next week.

There are a few things you may not have gleaned from the resume I posted on your site:
- I have a stronger competitive spirit that has served me — and the organizations I've worked for — well since I started selling magazines in middle school. That drive to sell the most has only grown strong over time.
- For the last 12 years, I've ranked as either the top salesperson or second best in my branch and regional sales teams.

I'd like to bring my enthusiasm to Western Automotive's sales floor in time to finish the fourth quarter with record sales. I can be reached at 123-555-1234. Is Monday or Tuesday good for you?
Allen Temple